The Most Frightening Story Ever Told By Charles Brander

The main Characters

in my story, Billy shivers was the main character. his hobby was reading. Billy doesn't have much excitement in his life so he reads a lot. He usually reads ghost books and scary books.

Where it takes place

My story takes place at the haunted house of books, a bookstore in hitchcock. mr. rapscallion is the owner of the haunted house of books and he is one of Billy's friends. billy is also friends with mr. rapscallion's daughter Redford.


the haunted house of books has a problem, it is bankrupt. no one wants to read books anymore so they were invited to the Bankrupt american booksellers dinner in kansas city. mr rapscallion and billy both went.
Mr. Rapscallion and billy arrived at the hotel and f0und out they were going to be staying in a haunted room. billy was scared but mr. rapscallion was excited. when they woke up the next day there was a book on the foot of the bed. it was called the most frightening story ever told. they decided to take the book.


mr rapscallion and billy returned home and decided to have a contest to win 1000 dollars . they were going to read the book to five kids and whoever didn't get scared was the winner. billy wanted to be in the contest so he put his name in for a chance to try to win the 1000 dollars. the first four kids were not billy, billy thought he had no chance but the last person revealed was billy shivers.
When mr rapscallion when into the reading room with the 4 other kids and billy, no one looked scared. billy was focused on winning it was a quarter in to the book when they heard a noise from the clock. one kid stared at it, then it stopped and the kid ran out of the reading room and into the street .half way through, they heard a knock on the door. two kids went to answer it but they just ran out of the reading room and into the street.
now billy and another person were the only kids left. mr rapscallion tried to make the book sound the scariest by changing his voice speed and how low and high it was. But neither of them got scared so when the book was finished they needed a tie breaker. mr rapscallion brought billy and the other kid down to the basement. mr rapscallion told them that the first one to leave the basement loses.
Billy kept trying to make the other boy scared and it worked! the boy ran up stairs and billy won! the very next day mr rapscallion went to deliver billy's money to him but there was a note on the door that said "dear mr rapscallion thanks very much for the last few weeks in the shop. I've had a traffic time haunting the place. You and Redford have been very nice to me and yes I'm a ghost. yes we do exist."


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