Greece .


Greece has lots of rocky mountains, some plains, and a coastal line in the Balkan peninsula and the Mediterranean sea. since there are numerous islands and rough coastlines this encourages more goods and visitors.


the Parthenon located in Athens , Greece on top of the Acropolis is a tourists attraction that about 5,000,000 people visit a year.

Greece is located in the Balkan peninsula in Europe that is neighbored by the countries Albania, Maceodania, Bulgaria, and Turkey. The Balkan peninsula's three bodies of water are the Aegean Sea, Ionian sea, and the Mediterranean sea.


The people in Greece speak Greek, Ancient Greek and Latin have helped build most languages today (no longer spoken). types of Greek have been spoke around 13th century B.C. to Greek nowadays. this language is unknown from where it began. γεια πως εισαι pronounced geia pos eisai = Hi how are you.


The people of Greece were polytheistic and their religion was Eastern Orthodox Church. The people of Greece had many gods the one in the back ground is Zeus the god king.

Main Food

The main food sources in Greece that were on the ground were oranges, figs, olives, dates, grapes, almonds, and pomegranates.


Soccer is the most popular sport in Greece they won the championship in 2004 and they are decent.


This instrument is a Bouzouki, the traditional music they play is called Thrace.


Greece has lots of dances over ten thousand dances that come from all parts of Greece.


this is what women wore as clothing they wore light and very loose clothes since it was hot for most of the year. they used colorful and long pieces men wore things called Chiton or tunics. which were big squares of clothe that went around the waist with a belt held by pins.


Houses in Greece were made of stone, wood, and clay bricks and were built around open courtyards. Big houses would have a couple bedrooms, storage space, a kitchen, a dining room and space for the men and women.


President Prokopis Pavlopoulos is the head of the Government in Greece. The first president of Greece was Michial Stasinopoulos.


The first Olympics are held in Olympia, Greece in 776 BC, 700-850 BC the First alphabet is made in Greece.


The Greek-Persian war is one of the wars that Greece has had which was in the 5th century BC the Greeks had won the war which saved the western worlds culture.


Here are some famous people of Greece, Homer the poet, Alexander the Great, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and many more.

Famous people

Another famous person is Euclid was a great mathematician and is also known as the "Father of Geometry."

Famous Actors

Yorgos Lanthimos has directed many TV commercials, music videos, theater plays, and short films.

Famous authors

Odysseas Elytis a famous Greek poet that was born in 1911 on the island Heraklion, Crete which his family soon moved to Athens, Greece. He won a Nobel prize in 1979 for literature.

Famous musicians

Dionysis Savvopoulos was a Greek songwriter and singer that was born in Thessaloniki, Greece in 1944. He has about ten albums and is 72 years old.


This is Greece's flag it is blue and white with a white cross in a blue square in the top right hand corner with 9 stripes 5 blue and 4 white.


This is the Greek alphabet which contains some of our alphabet but they are in a different order.

greek numbers

This is the Greek numbers 1-90 with our number code showing us what it means.


This is one of the minerals that can be found in Greece, this is Amethyst which it's colors vary from violet to purple.

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