some interesting things 01 2017

Flora Forager Firebird; be bright, beautiful, and spectacularly unusual this coming year
somewhere for the mice to go to chill

Someone created a café and store for mice in Sweden

The sublime beauty of leaf art in Japan

Lego for life's broken moments

How To Fix Broken Stuff

You don't have to feed them and they glow

Bring wild animals into our home safely

Illustrated infographic about leading one type of creative life

How to live like a creative

Curious Cars teaches coding to anyone willing to play with tiny cars

A British Branding Exhibit debuts in NYC exploring the relationship between a brand, identity, culture and us

Robotic technology using marker lines to learn commands

Typographic word logos

Another educational STEAM tool for children; build your own Bose bluetooth speaker

Laser Packaging Art

Raybaby - Non-contact Health and Sleep Monitor

Edible Japanese Zen Rock Garden

Miffy creator, author and illustrator Dick Bruna dies aged 89

Framed Personalized LEGO Characters

The 'BathPouch' Baby Bath

The 'Reborn' consists of an egg-like device that incorporates soil and seeds that can be buried in a garden in order to grow flowers or a plant. This acts as a great way for children to remember their deceased pet while also being taught about the natural lifecycle.

The Big Green Book

A – Check

Food allergy sufferers, there is a new concept food check device. The tool checks the food for ingredients that you may be allergic to—red means stay away

Bontoy Children’s Suitcase

Children’s Rideable Suitcase

Children’s inflatable bed

Ikea mock oversized rooms at Gare de Lyon makes adults feel like kids

Willa Walker – A Tool for Toddlers Learning to Walk. Theres a video showing how it's done

Electro Dough Kit

Magnetic, Wooden Space Toys

Some Retail Store Designs Below

Stokke Flagship Store Design, Seoul Korea

Great Little Trading Co. flagship showroom designed by Resolution Interiors

Mamas & Papas Concept Store Design

Zwoosh Kids Store by Foley Designs, Bangalore

Abracadabra Kids Concept Store by Medea Skhirtladze, Tbilisi – Georgia

What the Competition Thinks About Retail Design

Great Typography and Design at the Mom and Me Store by Mynt Design, Dubai

Bunny & Clyde's Lovely and Expensive Nursery Furniture Design

Generator Hostels: Affordable, Accessible, and Incredible. Bet you never thought you would be thinking of staying in a hostel ever again

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Carol-Anne Ryce-Paul

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