Clouds Adobe Spark Page-Jaime Snyder

Stratus is a type of cloud. In other terms, it is described in Latin terms layer. Stratus clouds produce a drizzle or describe as a small amount of snow.

The Nimbostratus clouds are produced precipitation over a wide area. The cloud is usually found anywhere near the surface.
The Cumulus clouds are puffy clouds. The clouds grow upwards unlike some clouds. Known as a thunder storm cloud.
The Altostratus cloud is formed by the lifting of a large mostly of unstable air mass that cause invisiblewater vapor. The way a Altostratus cloud looks like is a sheet of cloud but thicker.
The Altocumulus cloud is a cloud that is in roles. Also if the layers become tufted in appearance due to the increased airmass instability.
The Cumulonimbus cloud is a type of rain storm cloud. These clouds are capable of producing lightning. It is formed by water vapor carried up by powerful upward air currence.
The Cirrocumulus cloud is one of the three main genus of high-altitude tropospheric clouds. They are usually current at an altitude of 5 kilometres to 12 kilometers.
The Cirrus cloud are thin and wispy. There are actually found at heights greater than 20,000 feet (6,000 meters). Cirrus cloud are made up of ice crystals.


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