Charlz & The Rainy Night Blues The Mijara gypsy mirage

A musical ensemble that narrate stories through compositions in the styles of Swing Ballads, Bohemian Jazz, Big Band Sound and Gypsy Style.

Steming from the desire to create organic music that touches and expresses stories of emotional situations based on both melancholic life experiences as well as joyfull ones.

Swing Ballads / Bohemian Jazz
Gypsy Style / Big Band Sound

Band Members

Luis Shatter - Piano
Stiven NaƱez - Bass
Daniel Sahagun - Drums
Charlz Mendoza - Vocals

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Formed in Guadalajara, Mexico in april of 2016. Charlz approached Luis Shatter after viewing an instrumental recital in where Shatter was performing with Stiven and Daniel. The original idea was to produce music as session musicians. When working on the second song for the EP, the synergy created led them to form a band and continue to produce up to four tracks for the debut album, "The Mijara Gypsy Mirage." They are currently touring and working on the upcoming album "A Fool's Treasure Hunt."

Luis Shatter brings the chord progressions and arrangements to life. He is a pianist, arranger, composer, songwriter and producer.
Daniel adds the rhythm and groove. He is a drummer, percussionist and producer.
Stiven gives the structure and soul to the songs. He is a multi instrumentalist, producer, songwriter and arranger.
Charlz gives birth to the lyrics, melody and song styles. He is a singer, songwriter and producer.



Created By
Charlz Mendoza

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