My trip to the Florida Museum of Natural History Alyssa Zajdel

Butterfly Rainforest

Nature on Display

An exhibit that I found appealing was the Butterfly Rainforest. The second I walked into the exhibit, beautiful butterflies surrounded me. It was a very relaxing and pleasing experience. I cannot begin to explain the feeling of the butterflies flying around you. Their colors are so bright and it is amazing that we have this hidden treasure right here in Gainesville. This exhibit taught me that there are so many different diverse species of butterflies. There are some that are huge and bright blue and some that are tiny and grey. I also learned that it is much more in depth and warming to view things in real life as opposed to on a picture or video. I have seen rainforests in movies, but none of those movies made me feel as great as this butterfly rainforest did.

The Calusa People of the Estuary Exhibit

Nature and Ethics

In this exhibit, I felt like I was a true member of the "biotic community." The Calusa People of the Estuary exhibit was very interesting because it felt like I was actually in an estuary. There were robotic crabs crawling around and sound effects that seemed so realistic. I felt relaxed as I explored the museum because it allowed me to take my mind off of school. The lighting and the realistic animals and sounds made it feel so real, it was actually kind of scary. In addition, it made me realize that this whole assignment wasn't even a burden because I actually enjoyed the experience. I sensed happiness throughout the museum because everyone seemed to be enjoying the nature and the butterfly exhibit. I actually went with my sorority sister and she really enjoyed everything about it, especially the Butterfly Rainforest. Children were filled with joy as they observed the large shark jaw. The Natural History Museum allowed visitors of the museum to connect with nature because they actually let you be a part of the exhibit. For example, for the Butterfly exhibit, we actually got to go outside and be surrounded by trees, flowers, and butterflies. They also made the exhibits so realistic that it really allowed you to connect with nature. My visit did indeed instill in me an ethical responsibility to nature as Leopold imagines. It made me want to try to recycle more often and take extra precautions to preserve the natural beauty of the outdoors. In addition, it made me realize that I really am a member of the biotic community, so by conserving resources, nature will not only benefit, but I will also benefit.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The Museum of Natural History forced us to step out of our ordinary lives because the exhibits make us one with nature. We are able to go outside, observe nature, and forget about our chaotic lives right before finals week. It also allows us to see the beauty and uniqueness of nature. There were so many different colors and sizes of butterflies in the Butterfly Garden Exhibit. In addition, there were some that were even able to camouflage themselves, which I pictured above. While in the museum, we are able to time travel to different times throughout history and learn about different cultures. This museum helps us better understand who we are because it allows us to see what types of creatures are surrounding us, and how without them, our world would not function. In addition, it makes us appreciate the beauty of nature, and helps promote the concept of conservation. The Museum of Natural History helps us better appreciate the mystery and majesty of the natural world. The exhibits are so colorful and unique that they make you appreciate the majesty of the natural world.

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