Ecelctic Full Contact Theatre presents its all-audio 9th season!

A murder mystery so good, you’ll die laughing....

With murders becoming less and less frequent, the tourism industry in Bloody Bay, along with its population, is diminishing. But the small New England town may have just had its 100th murder! Bestselling mystery author Florence Gardener, desperate to keep hopes of a new novel alive, takes it upon herself to help the case move forward by attempting to seduce the recently widowed Dennis Spencer. When the case is quickly closed, Florence is unable to let her dream die and so she plans a murder of her own.

The masterminds...


Ann Marie Shea

Ann Marie Shea ​has had her plays produced at Boston Theatre Marathon, Shakespeare and Company, Worcester Children’s Theatre, Boston Actors’ Theatre, Redfeather Theatre, Turtle Lane Theatre, Newburyport’s Firehouse Center for the Arts, Torrent theatre (NYC) WFest (NYC), and Barrington Stage (MA). She performs her one-woman play, ​Madame Secretary, Frances Perkins​, at venues throughout New England.

Both as writer and performer, she has participated in the Last Frontier Theatre Conference, Valdez, AK. She has acted at Stoneham Theatre, Boston Playwrights’ Theatre, Redfeather Theatre, Apollinaire Theatre, and Boston’s Huntington Theatre. She has done background work in numerous film projects in New England. In ​The Last Poker Game, ​she played Martin Landau’s wife.

She has earned an M.A. in Drama from the Catholic University of America, and a Ph.D. in Educational Theatre from New York University. She is professor emerita at Worcester State University, where she taught a wide range of theatre courses for nearly four decades.

.She is a member of Dramatists Guild, AEA and SAG-AFTRA.


Radio drama was an element in my pre-TV childhood. (Yes, there was drama before TV!) So I am thrilled to be back in the world of melodramatic musical bridges, mellifluous voices, and dialogue that challenges the audience's attention span. As a REM (Recovering English Major, my B. A. degree),I still delight in words that can carry us to places we might never otherwise visit--police morgues, Himalyan hideaways, or alien-invaded New Jersey. No worry about the expense of additional sets and costumes, and multiple casting is limited only by the talent and imagination of directors and performers. It is a new adventure to be working from a distance of over 3000 miles with a talented young writer I have never met! To paraphrase Bette Davis,"Living in the age of COVis-19 is not for sissies."

Mimi Monteith

Mimi is a screenwriter and playwright whose work is renowned for its strong characters and hard hitting themes. She has had two of her plays, Two Of A Kind and SONDER performed to sold out audiences and 5 star reviews across the UK and her latest play Last Call For Closure premiers in London from 9-13 November this year. Mimi is extremely excited to be working with Eclectic Theatre on Bloody Bay in her first move into audio. With the COVID-19 pandemic not going anywhere soon, audio might well be the future and Mimi is delighted to be a part of it.


Callie Wills

Callie Wills is a recent college graduate currently making her shining audio drama debut as director of “Bloody Bay”. Her previous work experience spans several directorial roles in both film and theatre, consistent work as a voice actress across a wide breadth of mediums including audio drama, as well as specialization in the recording, mixing, and design of interesting and immersive soundscapes. She is a passionate and result-driven woman who has dedicated herself to the creation of both meaningful and collaborative works of art and greatly appreciates the chance to put her skills to the test in bringing this mysteriously murderous bay-town to life. She is so very grateful to the fantastic cast and crew she’s gotten the opportunity to work with throughout this entire project and hopes audiences enjoy the truly bone-chilling experience that is “Bloody Bay”.

I am excited to be working on the project because: The forefront reason I am so excited to be working on this project [“Bloody Bay”] is the sheer amount of talented team members I have the honor of working with. In most productions I have previously been a part of, I have had the immense honor of working with mostly local talent, which is wonderfully endearing in its own tight, but having the opportunity to collaborate on such an amazing project with a group of such incredibly diverse individuals from around the country, as well as around the world, has proven to be a truly humbling and all-together eye-opening experience.

The suspects...

Jean Marie Koon—Florence Gardener

This is Jean Marie’s third opportunity to work with the good people at Eclectic Full Contact Theatre but her first foray into the world of audio drama. She was most recently seen in RICHARD III for EFCTC, and has also performed with Babes With Blades, Idle Muse Theatre, and Pride Films and Plays. She has understudied for Interrobang Theatre, Erasing The Distance, Piven Theatre Workshop, Eclipse, The Gift, Theater Wit, Steep, and Jackalope theatres. Thanks to Rob for his loving support and Molly for her inspiration.

Luis Bermudez—Lee Millville

From an early age I decided that the only thing in life I wanted to be, and had any real talent for, was an actor. I stayed up late at night improving dialogue to my favorite cartoons and tv shows, trying to insert myself into the stories other people were so fortunate to be able to tell. Now as an adult, I have found my way into this industry by working in video games, animation, and audio drama's (much like this one), to bring characters, and people to life.

It has been my immense honor to tell this story, I hope wherever you are, whatever you have gone through, that this one can help keep you distracted for a little while.

You can hear me in games like Best Friend Forever, Luminous Plume, and Crowfall, but you can see all of my work on my website; luisbermudezvo.com

Rachael Proulx*—Magnolia Devens

Rachael Proulx is excited to be a part of Bloody Bay. She is a Chicago based actor, writer, director, singer, arts educator and proud company member of Eclectic Full Contact Theater. Thank you to the writers, directors and producers for a wonderful experience. I hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed performing.

Robert Koon—Clinton Devens/Tex

Robert Koon is an ensemble member of Broken Nose Theatre, and happy to be working with Eclectic Full Contact. Past credits include LABYRINTH and HUMAN TERRAIN (Broken Nose Theatre), CASA VALENTINA (Pride Films and Plays), A DICKENS CAROL (Oak Park Festival Theatre), FUN HARMLESS WARMACHINE (The New Colony), PILLARS OF THE COMMUNITY (Strawdog Theatre Company), THE WOMAN IN BLACK (WildClaw Theatre), and CHAGRIN FALLS (The Agency Theatre Collective -- Joseph Jefferson Nomination, Supporting Actor). His playwrighting credits include VINTAGE RED AND THE DUST OF THE ROAD (Joseph Jefferson Award, New Work), ODIN'S HORSE (Joseph Jefferson nominee), MENORCA, and HOMECOMING 1972. He is a member of The Dramatists' Guild.

Jessica Lauren Fisher*—Beverly Eastham

Jessica Lauren Fisher is a founding member and the casting director for Eclectic Full Contact Theatre. She has performed throughout the Chicago and Indiana area in theatre, musicals, and opera playing everything from mice to men. Favorite roles include Lucy in Jekyll and Hyde, Adele in Die Fledermaus and Sarah Daniels in Spinning into Butter. She has been a teaching artist for over 10 years and has directed and choreographed shows for people of all ages. She is ever grateful to her family and her partner in everything Andrew. LVYA Mom!

Aylee Lesane—Barrie Spencer/Lynn

Aylee LeSane is a voiceover artist from Fort Myers, Florida who has spent her life traveling the world throughout her childhood, living in places like Cuba and Guam. Throughout her travels, she developed a passion for the visual arts, participating in musical theater in primary school through high school. She is currently a content creator for her YouTube channel, Two Newbs Gaming where she showcases “Let’s Play” series live streaming various video games. She attends Savannah College of Art and Design a game development student as she pursues her voiceover career.

Christopher Kissoon—Dennis Spencer

I am an inspiring POC voice actor, looking to pursue my dream of getting into commercial, audio, games and Cartoons. I have always been a creative person mostly doing graphic design up until lately when I sort of had it calling to this line of entertainment. I've always looked up to people growing up like Jim Henson and Mel Blanc just to name a few. I aspire to be a role model for those that have a passion for making others feel a sense of human emotion. I am daily looking for outlets that my many voices can lend itself too in hopes of bringing the subject to life.

Forest Mannikko—Pére Laurence

Forest Mannikko has appeared in over several video games, audio dramas and theatrical productions. You may have heard him in The Wolfe Brother saga, Patience, and The C is for Community, to name just a few. Forest Mannikko studied Acting at The Chicago College of Performing Arts, graduating with a BFA. Born in the state of Michigan and a world traveler since, Forest Mannikko now lives in Connecticut with his two cats and Fiancee. Forest Mannikko can be reached at @mann_4est on twitter and Instagram.

*Denotes EFCT Company Member

The accomplices...

Andrew Pond—Editing Daniel Houle—Sound Design

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