Planet Isis.....Polymer Clay Jewellery what? who? where? why?!!!

Hi there and Happy New Year to you!!!

Here at Planet Isis this is a favourite time of year....the run up to Christmas has usually been pretty crazy and is generally devoted to getting out there and catching up with my regular customers, meeting new ones .....oh and of course selling lots of lovely pieces along the way. So in January there is finally an opportunity to catch up with myself and do all those things that there just hasn't been time for!!........with this in mind I thought I would create a brief story that explains just what goes into the world of Planet Isis

Planet...(noun)........a celestial body distinguished from the fixed stars by having an apparent motion of its own (including the moon and sun).

Isis....(proper noun)....PRONOUNCED: IE-sis (English) In Egyptian mythology Isis was the goddess of the sky and nature, fertility and creation, the wife of Osiris and the mother of Horus.

Polymer Clay is a super lightweight and extremely versatile material that has been around since the 1930's. I 'flirted' with using the material in the early 90's but in the past 4 years have used it almost exclusively to create the jewellery which I sell through my business Planet Isis

beads waiting to become earrings

My primary focus is in the creation of flat 'beads', rather than the traditional round beads with a centre hole, which I then use within the various designs that I produce (although sometimes you will find me making the more traditional 'round' bead...especially for my 'rustic' designs!!). My jewellery design is often quite simple to allow the 'bead' to take centre stage as the focal point of the piece.

I tend to work in one of two ways, either in a controlled exploration of colour and pattern, examples of which you can see above........
.....or with textures and 'organic' sources using techniques which have a more unpredictable outcome.
More recently I have been experimenting with techniques which combine the two, controlled colour/ pattern with 'organic' surfaces.

Inspiration can come from many sources, a sketch, a colour combination, shape or pattern, from artworks or from nature itself. Polymer clay can be manipulated in many ways, bespoke colours mixed & blended, patterns made using caning techniques (like creating a 'stick of rock') or by texturizing, surface applications or carving amongst many other processes. I work in what I like to call a very 'organic' way in that during the production of a design I will often 'see' a whole new set of ideas that need to be explored and so my work is constantly evolving.

brooches mounted on miniature canvases

About the Artist

The owner and artist behind Planet Isis, Dayl Goulsbra-Jones, lives with her husband in the Lincolnshire Wolds, England, UK. She has a B.A(Hons) in Art & Design but is largly self-taught in the art of Polymer Clay. Dayl is a member of the British Polymer Clay Guild and the Professional Crafters Guild as well as various Craft Associations within Lincolnshire.

Currently you can find work from Planet Isis by visiting the webshop at or at one of the craft events that Dayl attends. She likes to stay 'in touch' with her clients and finds that attending craft events as an exhibitor is a great way to do that as well as getting invaluable feedback and customer responses to new designs. On the first Saturday of each month from March through to December Dayl attends the Lincoln Artists' Market with her Planet Isis designs, this is a hugely popular dedicated Artists event held in the picturesque Castle Square in the counties 'capital' city . Dayl is also a member of the Country Crafts Association based in Lincoln and of The Alford Craft Market ( an organization based in Alford, Lincolnshire and dedicated to the promotion of arts and crafts) she also attends many independent craft events in and around Lincolnshire.

For details of where you can find Planet Isis in 2017 go to the webshop address and click on the 'What's on- Where' link or you can also visit

Trinket dishes

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