Business and Social Media

Why a business should be aware when they are mentioned in social media?

Business should be aware when you mentioned in social media because others can make negative comments about you.You must close this hole because it can ruin your business.In other way,they can make positive comments for your business.

They will feedback some complaints about your business.You can improve your bad works with these feedbacks.For example you have a computer store and you haven't got some models.Your customers can feedback to you and then you can order new models.


Benefits of a business using social media for engagemet
  • If you have a chain of restaurants people will have comments about your restaurant chain on social media(if you have advertisement a social media).If they are good,you will earn more money because other people might read other people's feedbacks and you wiil have more customers.I think it should be a benefit for you :)
Monitoring Social Media Engagement

Monitoring social media engagement is important.When you have feedbacks from your customers you should read these feedbacks and do something about these feedbacks.For example,your restaurant chain has a lot of feedbacks.Positive or negative.You read these.You saw that your customers aren't happy of your restaurants' cleaning.You should care about your restaurants' cleaning for your customers' happiness.

You can monitor your social media engagement like that:For Facebook,there are like and comment buttons.When you take the mouse on these buttons you can see who liked or commented that photo or video.For YouTube,there are like and dislike buttons.And also there are subscribe and comment buttons there.You can see the comments under the video.You can see the subscribers when you look at the person's subscriber number.You should take the mouse on the subscriber number and you can see who is following that person.

You can see more examples on the Net.



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