Reflective Journal week2

While playing Dawn of war 2 last stand I came up with the idea of adding to our game a section where you must protect an objective for a set amount of waves to continue to the next area of the level or even to finish the level.

On Thursday we did a practice for our presentation which didn't go to well as we didn't have much prepared. We received feedback after saying we need to have more visuals and to add more to our slides. We did the practice using prezi but we switched to google docs as we both can work on it at the same time and get more slides done.

Today we did our presentation I think it went well but we could improve on some parts of it. We missed some parts we said in the practice which would of improved and made our idea a bit more understanding. We changed and improved on the parts that we got from our feedback.
In the presentation document one of the slides I worked on was the research for the sc-fi genre while Brandon worked on the research slide for fantasy.

While find research for the sci-fi section I looked at war hammer 40k while this research was helpful it might be better if I looked at other games for sci-fi as it would help generate more ideas for our game.

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