“Offer good counsel to my children, teach them right from wrong, give words of wisdom, be trustworthy, teach them My ways and Kingdom laws so that no one will slip from the path of steadfast righteousness.”

Psalm 37: 29-31 (Passion & NLT)

I travel the world and have “one on one” sessions with people. Now, times have changed, but we are privileged to still do the “one on one” coaching sessions only now on Zoom App in the comfort of your home.

We can change our goal in life from “our own” – to God’s creative purpose for our life.

My heart is that Abba Father will open the eternal scroll of our lives – so that we can dance on our very own unique melody. Only then we will experience true joy!

God wants us to overcome whatever we face this day. The Word of God warns us that difficult times will come. All man made kingdoms will be shaken to their foundations – and only God’s Kingdom will remain standing.

How much of God’s Kingdom do we have inside of us? God’s Kingdom is light – and not even the secret motives of our hearts will be hidden.


  • Why is my heart filled with a dark cloud of fear when I think of the future?
  • Why do I continue to struggle with the same issues?
  • What is the truth behind this constant battle in my life?
  • Why do I feel so far from God?
  • Why does nothing work out for me?
  • I just want to share my heart with you, Retah.
  • Can we just pray and you stand in agreement with me?
Only our Abba Father, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit can lead us to the truth – and we know that the truth shall set us free.

The place that we are all heading for is the heart of the Father. That place is called “Promised Land.” Our minds will be renewed, and we will have the mind of Christ. A new way of seeing and understanding – as a son of God.

The smallest cry for help, the weakest prayer of someone far from God, or even the most powerful prayer of someone close to God – all are answered by our Abba Father. Why? Because God answers both prayers of those who love him, and those who hate him, but cry out for His help in their need. Those who seek Him, will find Him!

God wants us to grow into spiritual maturity, into Christ likeness. Mental knowledge does not transform us, but revelation and true heart knowledge of Christ together with Holy Spirit guidance.

Let’s enter into the Throne Room – the heart of the Father, and drink of His love.


Very soon you will be able to make a booking through our website, but for now let’s do it manually online, and by filling in the online booking form. Choose your preferred date and time, and submit the form. Please make sure that your PayPal payment is send to us.

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We will contact you to confirm the time and date. Upon receipt of the completed form and payment, the booking will be confirmed.

ACCOUNT NAME: office@retahmcpherson.com


1 Hour - $150

½ Hour - $100


If you want to send your prayer request without a session – you are very welcome to send it to coaching@retahmcpherson.com. I will stand together in faith with you, as I pray and bring your petition before the Lord.

I look forward to experience with you the joy that comes from trusting and surrendering your life to our Abba Father.

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