Forgotten don't forget to remember me

Dogwood Photography Challenge • Week 7 - Forgotten

Forgotten, the past participle of 'forget' is the subject matter for week 7 Photography Challenge. We are to take photos of what is supposedly failed to be remembered. Interestingly chosen.

This often used word gets more than the usual scrutiny amongst the participants of Dogwood2017 for its 52 week Photography Challenge.

Perhaps this is the only time ever I personally explored the word 'forgotten' so intently while trying to relate in visual sense.

How often do we say I forgot? How often we use the word as an excuse when we fail our obligations? How often have we gotten in trouble when we forget to remember?

Politician and witnesses in public or congressional hearings use a similar phrase for having trouble recalling to incidents they participated, by saying the dignified excuse or lie - "I can't recall"

This theme could exceed beyond objects. It may include people, animals, memories, everything from a verb like smile, appreciate and celebrate or a noun like focus and plan.

Capturing some of these may take more abstract efforts. While taking photo of a person or people you know for the topic, would simply be a rude depiction of the subject matter.

Surprisingly, even these moments could be skillfully staged and produced in photography if your imagination is as naively wild as mine.

My chosen Week 7 shots are mostly objects. While each may seem to be tucked away in some corner, the odic magnetic force of these items clearly remained indelible with memories. Not forgotten!

From the lyrics of Bee Gees

Don't forget to remember me...

My early form of communication with friends was to show up at their homes. If lucky, we find them. No phones.
10 Gallon Dairy Milk Cream Can - Galvanized in History
Forgotten because of size and capacity
Horse drawn hay rake - good things last forever
Forgotten for now but these thorny thistles will be back in spring and summer!
No one can take the memories away from this wagon - not even in the name of a photo challenge.
Not everything old is not forgotten some gain the esteem vintage status
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Raja Vanathandavar


Raja Vanathandavar

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