Badlands Photography by Brian Grossenbacher

WHERE THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS meet the Sierra Madre and the Chihuahuan and Sonoran deserts converge—just a stone’s throw from Mexico—the arroyos, cacti, and oak scrub of Southeastern Arizona form the perfect habitat for Mearn’s, scaled, and Gambel’s quail.
THIS IS THE LAND of the Apache, where Cochise held out to evade capture. You are likely to encounter all three species of desert quail here. But Mearn’s is the prized game, less likely to run than its cousins, holding tight in small coveys. Laying low. Hiding out along the border.

Dave Brown Outfitters (www.davebrownoutfitters.com) of Patagonia, Arizona, hosted Brian Grossenbacher on conservation lands being restored to prime quail habitat by the Cuenca Los Ojos Foundation. Learn more about the foundation’s efforts at www.cuencalosojos.org, and more about Brian’s photography at www.grossenbacherphoto.com

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Photography by Brian Grossenbacher

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