This is an individual project. You will need to finish the statement: America is .... What DO YOU THINK America symbolizes? From that statement you will research and provide historical evidence to support your claim.
APPROVAL NEEDED: Based off what you have learned about American History in class or through your own research you need to finish the statement “America is…”. The statement you choose will eventually need to be supported by specific examples from history. For example: “America is “OPPORTUNITY” or “America is FREEDOM” or “America is an ILLUSION" (Don't use my examples). You need to submit your statement for approval through the class website on Schoology. Make sure to check back to see if your statement was approved. No one can have the same statement.
WEB PAGE You will create a web page to showcase the historical evidence behind your statement along with your work cited. Create your webpage via or Adobe Slate (also an app on Apple devices). You can find a link to an example on your class Schoology page.
Historical Evidence Your webpage needs to include a clear THESIS paragraph which connects to your “America is…” statement & a minimum of 3 events from history that support your statement. Be sure to explain when the events happened and provide evidence to support your claim. How do these events prove your thesis statement?
Grade: This project will count as your 9 weeks exam (10% of your grade for the 9 weeks), as well as a regular test grade and a class work grade. It due by May 18th (B day) and 19th (A day). Seniors work will be due by May 15th.


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