Fall Break Festivities By Calista Stafford

This past week, students enjoyed a well-deserved fall break in a variety of ways. Some traveled, some didn't, but regardless of the destination, or lack thereof, students made some special memories.

Meredith Fain '20 traveled to Boston, Massachusetts with her family over fall break. "I went to Massachusetts for fall break because my sister works there for Yankee Candle. We went to Boston for a day and explored the city as well as learned about the history behind it. It was amazing to see the beginnings of America and see the places where some incredible events occurred," Fain said.
Meredith Fain '20 poses next to a map on the streets of Boston.
Adriane Ruble '20 went to Las Vegas and Flagstaff, Arizona with her family for fall break. "At Caesar's Palace we were lucky enough enough to get a free suite. [We also went to] Flagstaff, Arizona [to] the mountain that has the observatory where Pluto was discovered. [We also went to] Vegas' large Ferris Wheel that towered over the buildings," Ruble said.
(Top) Adriane Ruble '20 poses over the skyline of Las Vegas. (Bottom) Ruble and her family gather for a picture at the bottom of a mountain in Flagstaff, AZ.
Meg Wombles '20 is the daughter of a pilot. She and her family traveled to Budapest and Prague over fall break for her father's work. "[The trip] was really special because I haven't had the chance to take world history or learn much about that part of the world. It was really interesting to explore it first hand, especially German, Austrian and Czech culture and historical landmarks like concentration camps from World War II and parliament buildings and cathedrals. The culture is really unique, and it was really fun to learn more about places that I was really unfamiliar with over break," Wombles said.
(Top) Meg Wombles '20 looks out over the cityscape of Budapest. (Bottom left) Wombles poses on the river in front of Buda Castle in Budapest. (Bottom right) Wombles and her sister take a picture in a cathedral of Prague Castle.
Elizabeth Boas '20 takes a picture while traveling around on college tours. Boas went on visits to Kent State University, Columbia College and Purdue University to explore their fashion programs. "We did a college visit road trip and did fun things along the way in Chicago and visited family and such. My favorite part was getting to be with all different people, like friends and family, and getting to look at possibilities for my future home away from home," Boas said.
(Top left) Elizabeth Boas '20 poses next to the sign for Kent State University. (Top right) Boas and a friend pose in front of the Bean in Chicago. (Middle) Boas stands next to the stone "P" at Purdue University. (Bottom left) Boas poses outside the university fashion building. (Bottom right) Boas smiles for a picture during a family dinner.

Other students stayed around Indiana during their fall break.

Anthony Kovacs '19 captured long exposure photos at the New Castle Lantern Festival over break.
If you have any photos you would like to contribute please email them to sykesvic000@students.centergrove.k12.in.us.

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