I'm In Love With Friedrick Hayek By Dorian Elektra


1910 | Pop

“It's not magic that somehow plans all align. -- The result of human action, not of human design.”

This video Says It All


Luke Tatum

Chock-full of studied insights into the work of Hayek. The video is of course half hate experience, so I must insist that you ingest this as a whole package. Hilarity! Economics!

Sherry Voluntary

I feel for Dorian Electra here. I too, am a woman who has a massive crush on a long dead libertarian hero. (Mine is Lysander Spooner. I mean, those eyes, that beard, and all that defiance! I’m a total sucker for smart anarchist boys.) Ahem. Pardon me. Anyways, listening to this song, I thought of the accolaids, and admiration that is heaped on celebrities for such amazing feats as having a huge ass, their party lifestyle, or sexual exploits, “brave political stances,” or that most annoying of reasons, famous for being famous. No one bats an eye when a young person wants to emulate the most shallow characteristics of celebrities, or have a lifestyle way beyond their means in order to look successful without being successful. Seems so many want to have the trappings without earning them. To me a big part of how libertarians can contribute to changing culture is through good parenting. Instilling a love for substance and meaningful achievement is a gift to not only your children, but the world that they will be a part of. I think as parents or influencers in the lives of young people, we can teach them to appreciate the deeper, more substantive people who have contributed to the advancement of truth. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s wrong to enjoy Kim’s big ass, I’m just saying it shouldn’t be all young people are exposed to.

Nicky P

I’m a sucker for early youtube clickbait. This particular video is from long before I knew something called the liberty movement even existed. What can I say? I’m a newb! Anyway I’m glad this video was brought to my attention. I wish there would have been a follow up series about Mises and Rothbard but we’ll take what we can. I get the impression Dorian didn’t hold on to the libertarian monicker long especially considering the clear gender proclivities of their later work. I consider it a loss. Can’t let conservative voices be the only ones that care about liberty.

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Nicky P

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