George Mercer By Aidan shah

A adze

This is an adze. It was introduced and used by the Powhatans. This tool was used for cutting down trees. Unlike axes they carve canoes and instead of hitting a tree at their bases, they are used to hit trees at eye level. It was made of stone strapped to a wooden shaft by leather strips soaked in water.

A musket being shot

This exhibit shows a musket being fired. Muskets were mainly used for defense, but could be used for hunting. Muskets had a great importantance because the Powhatans were attacking.

The outside of the blacksmith shop

This is a blacksmith shop. It smelled of charcoal and smoke. The metal glowed orange with the heat of the fire. The air was thick with soot.

The blacksmith's tools

There were many tools and weapons to buy. They were all made out of steel or iron. I would buy a weapon like a sword. This would be useful being a general.

A blacksmith making a sword

If I were to buy one of these swords, I would order one. It would take me 1-5 days to get it.

George Wythe's house

This is George Wythe's house. I would visit George Wythe because he, like me, is gentry. He is a law teacher so he is wealthy.

The solar microscope room

In this room there is a solar microscope. This was when microscopes were new inventions so this meant that George Wythe was wealthy. There was also a model of the solar system and the world. This meant he was an informed man.

A microscope

This microscope is my favorite part of the house. It reflects the qualities of George Wythe. He is a scientificly knowledgeable person and a wealthy man.

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