Brittany Santos Spring 2017 English 1301 Portfolio

About me:

My name is Brittany. I enjoy photography, cats, Lady GAGA, EDM (Electronic Dance Music), EDM festivals, and going to Houston Stereo Live with my best friend Gracie when our favorite DJ’s are in town. This spring semester went well for me I was able to juggle a personal life along with work and school, I made sure majority of my weekends were free to spend time with family and friends. I was able to have a flexible schedule this semester because I only took two classes, since it’s my first semester back after taking a break from college because I wanted to focus on work. I wanted to get back into the swing of things and not overwhelm myself with work and school. My future goals in life are to graduate college soon, make more time for my personal hobbies, and become more successful at work. My biggest dream is to go to EDC Las Vegas with Gracie, hopefully that will be next year!


Photographer: Brittany Santos

Reflective Essay

Throughout the spring 2017 semester in English 1301-03 I had to write an evaluation, report, and a rhetorical analysis essay. The essay that taught me the most about successful communication will be the evaluation essay, because it helped me understand what it took to write an appropriate college essay. The evaluation essay opened a door for me to easily write the following essays that were assigned to me somewhat stress free, knowing the rules, correct MLA format, and organization for an essay helped me become more successful with my writing.

The most important rule I learned when writing my evaluation essay was to never talk in first or second person. I always had a problem avoiding this, since in grade school we always wrote in first and second person majority of the time. This was an annoying habit to quit, after getting use to talking in third person it became more of the norm for me when writing essays.

When beginning the evaluation essay I was taught MLA format for the first time. I honestly don’t remember learning MLA in grade school and if we did learn it I’m not sure where I was that day. After learning MLA, it showed me how presentable an essay can look when put into this format.

Learning how to organize the evaluation paper was the key to my writing success. After writing down ideas for my paper and putting them in order for my paper helped me the most when coming up with my thesis statement. When learning how to organize my ideas and how I wanted them to flow on paper helped me become less stressed out when writing essays and helped me somewhat avoid writers block.

Even though now I have a better idea of putting an essay together I still struggle with my grammar till this day. I just have a bad habit of abusing commas, getting a thesis statement together, and citing my work. Slowly but surely, I’m getting better.

Over all my experience and journey with writing this semester has become the most enjoyable experience I had with writing. It wasn’t always easy, but knowing there’s no order I needed follow to write a successful paper made it easier. I had to learn the rules so I could break them.

Peer Review: Intro

Rough Draft

Revised Draft

Final Draft

Edited Major Essay

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