Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass - TERRY M. WEST Reviewed by Stefany a. 04/18/17

I have worked for my people ever since. I am determined that slavery will end. I do no know if we will succeed. I am sure of only one thing. I came into this world as a slave. I shall leave it as a free man.


Frederick Douglass, was an American slaves who was enslaved for 20 years, when he was a child they separated him from mother, he could never have a photo or something of his own mother, he had no maternal, for the reason that since he was little a slave. Rich people who mistreated him never cared what he could feel for so many years. There was a day in which he crosses an opportunity to escape, he gets out, he arrives in a city and starts a job, where he then plans to file a lawsuit for the people who had him enslaved for years, at his court he said that they must defended the rights that each person can have, during which he could win the case, and now he is a man who fights for the rights and specially of women. He is a men of respect for the courage he had to write his real life.

I recommend this story because it is a good book, where Frederick fights for the rights of each person especially of the women. For all that happened when I was a child now is a man of respect that anyone can love his life.


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