Encyclopedia of an Inexperienced Life By: wylie mccoy

A - Art Art is one of my biggest weakness; I never know what to create when assigned these projects. When a teacher announces a project that includes art, only one thing runs through my mind: What can I make. I have minimal art education and low experience so that makes everything “artsy” a challenge for me. But can we expect to be good at something if we have no experience? I had lessons elementary that were once a week, but those didn’t seem to help in the sense of that I was struggling as it was.

B - Basketball This year was the first year I started playing basketball since second grade, and it was nerve-racking. For me, it was an incredible feat, mentally, that I sort of got out of my shell to try out. I had no idea if I was going to be good enough, if I was going to be able to keep up, if I could keep going, or if I could keep in the best condition. But why would I stress if I knew that I hadn’t played in half a decade and would be rusty?

C-Change No, not the money change, but the change as something becomes different. Not much has changed in my life which makes it difficult to cope with when it does eventually come. Life moves on. Think of life as a sheet of music and there are spots on that sheet with huge blobs of ink on some notes here and there, and that represents change in life. And so far, I’ve only had 4 blobs. After all of that, I still get weary when I hear that word used in my parents conversations. Change is just a result of living. Moving to St. Louis and moving back and restarting life at the same school and hearing the news of having a surprise little brother at the age of 12 - all of them are massive changes in my life. Those are the blobs in my life. But if I’m not exposed to more, soon, how will I cope with change later in life?

D-Dip, Cheese There’s only one simple food I can mess up - Velveeta Cheese Dip. And now you’re you’re probably thinking, “How could someone mess up cheese dip?” Despite only three required items - A bowl, cheese, and rotel - one can only mess up so much on something so simple. It’s very simple to mess something up so simple, simply just do the following: microwave it for too long (wait until it’s boiling), put it in the freezer, get distracted (wait until it is frozen), and then microwave it again until thoroughly watery. That game day, we had no cheese dip due to it being my first time.

E-Extracurriculars I have always been hesitant when signing up for extracurriculars, sports, clubs, etc., because I’m not sure of what I need to do to be good at it. Many times, I’m just unsure, not knowing anything about it. Such as signing up for soccer, I had never played before but I thought it would be good to do a sport for the remainder of the year in addition to create a stimulant for my brain. I sort have grown to my current state of enjoying it, though. After I signed up, I felt that I would regret it, get cold feet, then flake last minute on my decision. Same with joining fantasy sports club, never thought I would join that because I don’t get the concept of making a fake team for a real sport, but I just don’t have enough experience with either to diss it. Plus I don’t enjoy the idea of angering millions of people for dissing their tradition and adopted religion.

F-Focuses Focuses and priorities, these two things stress be more than anything else. Being a 14 year old adolescent, fresh to new responsibilities and signing up for new classes, I’m not sure what subject I should prioritize, so I decided to select all Honors’ Courses in High School, and I think I might regret it. But the thought of getting more experience in all core subjects gives me a slight relief so when I decide what I might want to do in life I won’t be behind. And knowing advanced rules of grammar will help me with a résumé when I finally know what I want to do in life. Now I have ended up trying to focus on everything at once and I’m not sure how it is going to go, so now I will get experience in my freshman year and know what to do and what not to.

G-Grades The first month of school has just ended and my grades look awful, to my standards. I have some experience with tending to them in elementary school but all we did then was color and multiplication. These two past years have really tested me and going from to 60 people in the whole grade to 400 has created a sense of competition in academics. It’s brutal. Last year it wasn’t too bad and this year it’s okay, but seeing people breeze by with straight A’s on the Principal’s Honor Roll and me expending myself 100% to make the A-B Honor Roll creates an indescribable emotion smack in the middle of envy and awe. It’s like they’ve been doing this their whole life and it’s my first day on the job.

H-Homework In grade school, homework played a huge role in our grade processing. A massive role. Last year, I saw we didn’t even have a grade for homework in geometry, it was assigned just for sheer practice and attempting comprehension of the lesson. Having minimal knowledge of geometric formulas and such, I decided to pay attention as much as I could to avoid doing homework. But I ended up doing some of it because I had to keep practicing to retain the knowledge that I had learned in class that day. That is when I realized that experience had everything to do with success. You can’t have never done something before and expect to be the best at it.

I-Ideas Ideas are very tricky at my age and how to handle them are also an issue. When working on an assignment, that requires an invention, such as my invention in 6th grade, it takes me up to an hour to think of an idea. The first thing that I think of when I hear that you have to come up with an idea is to try and figure out an issue that is/can be a household problem and has affected an American at least once before, so for my invention I decided to create an instant jump start for your car. That idea alone took me an hour and I had no idea how to handle it because I have hardly any experience in creating and/or having ideas.

J-Jayhawk I have been a Jayhawk fan all of my memorable life, and I’m not sure why. I was born in Kansas City, Missouri and am family with hardcore Wildcat fans. I’ve never really kept track of college sports since about 4th grade and it’s just been dying out for me. Yet I still root for the basketball powerhouse and now I’m even more hyped for the game on this upcoming Wednesday when KU plays Baylor. Maybe it’s because I just don’t know? Because I’m just unsure internally? But why? Maybe it’s just because I don’t have enough “data” on why I like them. It’s just a strange thing why we root for something.

K-Karts, Go The summer after 4th grade was the first time we had gone to Branson, Missouri. It was a great vacation, at least from what I remember. We were they for 5-6 days and on the first day we all slept for a good 12 hours, got up in the morning, and then got some breakfast. After that we went to go ride their famed Go Karts, and let me tell you, I thought I would drive it straight off of that track. It was my first time driving them and a bunch of scenarios ran through my head that didn’t all end too well. Not only were the outcomes gruesome, but also were they disturbing. I thought I would press down on the brake too hard and brake it (pun intended), or maybe I would crash into someone in accident then having to leave in shame. But I mean it really wasn’t that bad… for my first time…

L-Lakes I have always been weary when contemplating to jump in lakes. When on vacation, we saw an unanticipated lake that looked refreshing and cool - and infinitely deep. I’m one for a nice relaxing swim, but never had I ever swam in a lake before. I was hesitant - too hesitant, so I didn’t jump in. I’m really not the person ditch on a swim but I wasn’t feeling it. On vacation in Indiana I jumped off of a 10m platform, but only because I didn’t hesitate. But that’s besides the point. Maybe I didn’t jump off of that dock because I was unsure… or had no experience.

M-Modern Technology Modern technology and new inventions of this modern era have usually alluded me. I’m not hip with the jive on the new technology of today. Don’t get me wrong, though, I’m all for getting the newest desktop with better processing power to make things go faster, but why another iPhone? It’s ridiculous. There are the new useless feature on each one that comes out. Just like the “moving pictures” on the 6s. IT’S CALLED A VIDEO! It makes no sense to me. But maybe it’s because I have never used it before. I’m still unsure of it’s purpose.

N-Negligent Being me, I am incredibly negligent to take care of things that must be. Such as taking out the trash or folding the laundry. I really only take care of the really important things, like watching my brother until my parents get home. I guess I still don’t have that full grasp of responsibility, and how the older I get, the more responsibilities I have. Maybe I should just teleport to the future where I’m older and more experienced.

O-Organzied I am a firm believer that everything has it’s place. I guarantee everyone has their own definition of organized, some are sloppily organized where they still have a system but for everyone else it looks like a big mess, and there are others that have to have absolutely everything labelled and everything 100% perfect. I’m not messy like some people, or label maker crazy like others, I’m smack dab in the middle. With minimum experience. I’ve been trying to figure out a better system that fits my lifestyle and I think I found it. Just put everything away as soon as you get it. As I gain more experience, maybe I will find a better method that goes just perfect with my madness.

P-Purchases Oh boy. This one. I very rarely purchase things that can actually matter to me or someone. In December, I was hunting for a bargain on a computer I wanted and had had my eye on a specific one since mid-fall. Then there it was, a massive discount on Amazon.com. I bought it has soon as I could. Too bad I didn’t read the full specifications on it. It had the wrong processor so two weeks after ordering it it came and we had to send it back. Maybe I should just read through next time and get experienced with the product.

Q-Questions Being inexperienced, I have no idea the right and wrong questions to ask. Actually, that’s a lie, I know the root four that you should never ask. Never ask: who someone voted for, their weight, their age, or how much money they make. Anyways, I’m talking about the types of questions when you don’t understand something, like in class. Sometimes I’m not sure if I should raise my hand when I have the question, wait until it is eventually answered, or wait until the end of class. I’ve had a lot of questions, but I’m never sure how to handle them.

R-Reflexes Being a 14 year old, my reflexes really aren’t all that great. For instance, one time I knocked over a glass of water, trying to save another glass of water from spilling. Another time I was pitching for my friend and he hit a line drive right at my head and I barely got out of the way, and then on the next pitch I got beamed right in the wrist because I didn’t move away fast enough. Maybe I need to just work on my reflexes moving out of the way.

S-Stress Stress has become a big thing in middle school for me, stressing for finals, stressing for homework, stressing about grades, and stressing about free time. Friends, family, school work - those are the four things that I need to balance in order to not stress. Many a time I’ve procrastinated and held off until the last couple days to do my work, but this year I have been much better about it. I’ve slowly been gaining experience to help reduce stress and bring order to my “galaxy”, if you will. This is the price of having high expectations.

T-Talking have plenty experience with talking, just not when or where. Like in class, sometimes I will talk during “silent” work time even though it’s silent. It’s very weird because in elementary school we had silent work time and even then I talked. It must be automatic for some people, like me, to just talk or ask questions to someone near by. It truly is interesting.

U-Unlucky Luck isn’t usually on my side and I can’t really say that it isn’t. Or maybe it is. I don’t really know. I just haven’t seen it, but I guess that is the way luck works, makes it look like you did it 100% on purpose but you have no clue what in the world just happened. I have no known experience with luck and unluckily I don’t see my luck folding out before me happening anytime soon. For now, I have to kick it into overdrive.

V-Vaccine Man… Shots are the worst. I bet they could hurt a lot more, but I hate them. I’ve only had a few in my life and just from that collected data, I know that they are awful. One time I got 3 in one arm, not even an inch away from one another. For the rest of the day I was fine, but when I woke up, I tried to turn on my lamp and my arm kind of just flopped at it and knocked it over. It was the weirdest thing. My arm was just useless, it was just there. Not being helpful, but just there.

W-Wrong, Right or In many classes, we, the students, are prompted with a question with a right and infinite wrong answers. As always, I’m hesitant to be the first person to raise their hand because I’m afraid that I will get it wrong, and it’s pretty much always been that way. I don’t like to get stuff wrong in front of others. I just need more experience failing in front of other people, just to get used to it.

X-Excitement Usually at the arrival of good news people are noticeably excited for whatever they just heard, whether it be going to see a movie they wanted to see, go on vacation, or see some friends that they haven’t seen in forever. Trust me, I’ve heard things worth getting excited for several times, but how to react to them has flown by me so many times that my head is basically a perpetual motion machine. I recently heard that I would be leaving the midwest for the first time ever to go on a road trip to Colorado, and believe me, I was jumping for happiness on the inside, but on the outside, all I really did was say cool and go back upstairs. It’s a weird subject, I know, but it’s just one of those things that you really can’t get a grasp of. Why do we react to things the way we do?

Y-Yard Work Being a rare task for me, yard work is not one of my strengths, but I’m getting there. Really the only thing related to yard work is mow the lawn a few-ten times and mulching some leaves. I just haven’t done it enough to be even consider experienced. Every time I start I think, “Something’s going to break.” or, “What if I have to double cut because it’s too long?”. But what can I do, I have only done it a few times.

Z-Zealous Zealous means having zeal which means having great energy and/or enthusiasm, and I have zeal on the inside, more than the out. I don’t have great experience/I’m not good at conveying emotions from the inside to the outside. It’s just not a natural reaction for me. And for whatever reason my parents have been just assuming I’m in a bad mood.

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