2016-2017 PORTFOLIO Angela Le



One of my first photoshop projects. Bob Ross has always been an inspiration to me, and this is a little tribute to him. One of his famous sayings is that "we make no mistakes, only happy accidents," so I thought it would be humorous if an actual service existed where he fixes artistic accidents.


I was never really into comics or Marvel, so this was a new experience coloring and designing a comic book cover. I really took advantage of a blank background to create my own scene. I tried to make use of contrasting colors (blue and orange) when painting the explosion and mountains. Then I just had fun with the different character's costumes.


I had a really fun time experimenting with different photoshop effects with this haunted house project. I always thought of blue and violet as mysterious colors, so I decided to make that the color scheme of the composition. Of course, I had to add a yellow-orange light to create a nice contrast.


The surreal project was my favorite work from this semester. It's really amazing how photoshop can bring ideas to life. For this piece, I wanted to incorporate human form into a natural environment. I wanted to create a fantasy-like and ethereal feel to the scene.


After becoming a lot more familiar with the program, I decided to buy a pen tablet to expand what I was able to do. This is one of my first digital illustrations. I wanted to practice some gestures using an irregular figure.

Phoenix (DotA 2)

This is drawing of a character from my favorite video game, DotA 2.

Skywrath Mage (DotA 2)
Naga Siren (DotA 2)
Storm Spirit (DotA 2)

A friend of mine live streams on Twitch, and I designed some panels for his page that viewers see when they enter his stream.


The challenge here was to create animal icons with 2-dimensional look.

The assignment was to create a snowboard design that relates to a personal brand logo. My brand name is "Angle" because it is a play on my actual name. Furthermore, I decided to have a geometric theme to my designs.

My personal shoe pattern if I were to design a Vans shoe.

This is a design for an info-graphic that explains the typical characteristics for a "girly" fashion style.


My personal focus for this year was to develop as much technical skill as possible in all art medias. I want to be experienced in all different types of mediums, so I tried a lot of different things out.


This is a watercolor study from life. I was able to paint a costumed model at my weekend class program Ryman Arts.


Some graphite practice with reflective surfaces.


Charcoal isn't anything new to me, but practicing self-portraits is always a good thing to do. I really like the juxtaposition of how the hood tries to enclose a space, but the hair can escape and finds its own way to flow freely.

charcoal and mixed media

One of my first acrylic paintings. I named this piece "Subjective Trash" because many would take a glance at this and wonder why I decided to paint a bunch of useless objects, but I believe that these objects create a good composition of items that served their purpose.


This is made with acrylic paint, but with a watercolor technique. I experimented with masking fluid to create shapes and used stencils to create a patterned design. If you can't tell already, blue and orange are my favorite complementary colors.

oil (30 x 40 in)

This is my very first oil painting. It is inspired by the Weirwood tree from the show Game of Thrones. I made this as a holiday gift for my brother.

oil (30 x 40)

My very first commission sold!

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