Sexuality rights by: malik martinez and juan cordova

Left: before when the people were getting bullied for their sexuality.

Right:After people getting their civil liberties people wouldn’t get ridiculed for being seen as abnormal for not being straight and people are more considerate.

Civil liberties is when people should all be equal no matter their race or religion they should have the right to be and do everything just like others. An example of a civil liberties is freedom to choose your sexuality and not get bullied or abused. Civil liberties are God given right ( Without civil liberties life would not be fun people would not be able to marry , talk, and you would have unfair trials. The civil liberty being violated in our topic is not having the freedom to choose your sexuality. There are many legal cases for people's sexuality because many people are being abused and sexually harassed because of their sexuality, such as the case when a ninth grader boy got assaulted and bullied him for being gay at Derani V. Kern high school in 2009 . Yes, these rights have been given back to these people because they have the freedom to change their sexuality and not be abused or sexually harassed. We would not fight for this right because we believe that men should only be with women.


Created with images by Magic Madzik - "162/365: Equality Parade / Parada Równości"

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