Social Media Project Maddie barto, mackenzie lamont, delaney kramer

Social Networking:

the use of of websites to interact with other people who you know or have similiar interests to.


  • ability to connect and stay in touch with others
  • you can find common interests
  • meet new people, spread information quickly
  • help catch criminals
  • giving or recieving advice
  • new ways to make profit and reach broader audiences


  • lack of emotional communication
  • gives people the ability to hurt others
  • decreases face to face communication skills
  • conveys inauthentic feelings
  • can facilitate laziness
  • creates unrealistic self images
  • causes distractions
  • can become addictive

Cyber Bullying

  • use of electronic communication to bully a person
  • generally by sending messages that are intimidating or threatening
  • unlike regual bullying, it does not stop when you get home from school which allows it to happen 24/7
  • allows the bully to hide behind a screen and escape the regular consequences of bullying
  • cam be posted anonymously


  • you can become addicted to social media because you develop a fear of missing out on something that happens
  • when goimg through a breakup you can become obsessed with checking up on your ex and the new people they're with
  • addiction to social media can result in depression, a harder time communicating in person, making up things about yourself, and becoming more insecure

Improper Use

  • improper use of social media can permanently effect your life
  • sexting and cyberbullying can prevent you from getting into certain colleges or jobs in the future
  • any mistakes you make will be online forever are there for anyone to see


  • realize that anyone can see everything you post on social media if they want to
  • only post things you'd be okay with you parents, grandparents, teachers, coachers, and employers can see what you post
  • try not to compare yourself with others on social media, because it isn't real life and people can make up whatever they want to about themselves
  • put down your technology every once in a while: I went 24 days without internet connection once and it was the happiest I have ever been-- go out and see the world for yourself

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