Descriptive analysis

This man is the definition of a washed up british immigrant. From the Def leppard British flag shirt he was wearing to the bulletproof glass thick eyeglasses that nerds wear. He had the english version of a pissed off Boston natives accent. Inside this man's car, he had Jethro Tull on. Also this man drives a Chevrolet hhr. It's like a wannabe hipster car and that market is huge in Britain. It doesn't get more stereotyped than that. He moves around our lobby. I see the light reflect on his hair that looks like it hasn't been washed in three to four days due to the excessive amount of grease in it. I mean you could fry up some bacon with this man's grease if you wanted to. He leans over to read a wiper blade package with large print on it. He starts to squint really hard at it. I think to myself that this guy was being ignorant and careless as he looks when he was at the costco vision center and picked the wrong prescription. My service writer Chuck takes the inspection sheet with the diag statement saying why this man's heater went out. He goes ahead and brings him out into the shop to go in depth to show him what's wrong with his car. I am trying to figure out how a part is supposed to fit in a car I am under as i am observing him . He turns his head over in my direction quickly. He was smiling and having a conversation with Chuck when he did it. I saw his smile. Teeth were either rotten or missing with no hope whatsoever of being repaired. It looked like he was an ex drug user. Chuck brings him back up to the counter for pricing. As soon as he heard the price, This mans smile dropped faster than Felix Baumgartner when he jumped from space that Red Bull sponsored. With spit flying out of his mouth, he starts throwing a fit saying that if he buys the part we should install it. Keep in mind we have a policy against that due to liability issues. He declines and says that he will be outside waiting for his car. I go to put it back together and I get the main piece and put it back in and it clicks. Cigarette ashes pour into the cabin and it smells awful. I pull his car out and look at him one last time. He is standing there with a pissed-off look on his face and a Newport 100 in his hand. He takes his business elsewhere

I go on through my day thinking about this man. Maybe people in America have tried to take advantage of him at auto shops just because he is “foreign”. Maybe he was just trying to stand his ground. And what I also realize is that that rude sound in his pvoice is the british norm for speaking to people. He also lived through times with a lot of change so maybe he is a little behind with his style. He looks like a hipster but he really isn't because he lived in those times. Except for the car. Then I remembered about the way his teeth looked. At first I thought it was drugs but in reality, this man is from britain where they don't have fluoride in the tap water system there. But these traits show that he has a story. This one can't be matched to any ordinary American citizen. Thais happens because he has been down two paths in life. One in Britain and one in the United States. Overall I still kinda wish that I could know more about him but I think i observed enough.

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