Middleburg Ashtanga Yoga with Laura Fulton

Taking Ashtanga Yoga

back out of the box

Yoga Chikitsa

As it was originally taught

“Ashtanga Yoga is a discipline, not a brand,” according to Manju Jois, son of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, known as the father of Ashtanga Yoga. It is composed of a progressive sequence of postures linked together with the use of the breath, bandhas, drishtis and vinyasas. Pattabhi Jois described it as ‘a breathing exercise…the rest is bending’.

Nadi Shodhana

Ashtanga is as therapeutic or rigorous as you make it.

Originally, Ashtanga was designed to be a healing practice. The doctors in Mysore, India sent their patients to Jois when they could not help them. Over time, with a consistent and tailored practice, they recovered. One can expect improvements in strength, balance and flexibility, experience a calmness of mind and improved health by consistently practicing Ashtanga. The sequence was specifically designed to detoxify or cleanse the body and to strengthen the nervous system.

I was invited by Clifford Sweatte, senior student of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois to his Ashtanga Yoga class when I was diagnosed with chronic neurologic Lyme Disease. Clifford fully believed and encouraged me that the practice would heal my mind and body. I attended his class during an expected 3-year treatment. After 10 months with a daily practice, I completed treatment and continue to practice regularly. I credit Ashtanga Yoga for helping to rebuild my body and heal from the devastating effects of Lyme Disease.

I teach Ashtanga Yoga in Middleburg, Virginia in the original method with an emphasis on the therapeutic aspects. I teach led classes, Mysore and private sessions. Manju Jois certified and authorized me to teach both the Primary and Intermediate Series internationally. Along with Clifford and Manju, I have studied with David Williams and Greg Tebb.

Contact me for more information about classes and privates at lauramfulton1@gmail.com

I can also be found on Instagram @lululyme50 and #middleburgashtanga

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