Nucleic Acid By Corinne Regan

What Is It?

Nucleic acids are usually in the form of a helix, whether double or single. They are organic compounds made of sugar, a phosphate group, and a nitrogen base. They are made up of small units called nucleotides

What Do They Do?

Nucleic acids contain specific segments called genes that are responsible for producing every protein in your body.

When Was It Discovered And By Who?

Nucleic acids were discovered in 1868, when twenty-four-year-old Swiss physician Friedrich Miescher isolated a new compound from the nuclei of white blood cells.

Where Are They Found?

They are found in the nucleus of the cell. Also, nucleic acids are found in every living thing that uses and converts energy.


Created with images by - "DNA Molecule display, Oxford University" • mknowles - "Lego DNA"

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