Pop up project Kelly Hennessey

Today we discussed different artists. I chose to base my art off of Keith Haring because I fell like he's the most creative. I enjoyed his artwork as well as Andy Warhol but I went with Keith because I felt my designs would like better if I based my art off of his own.

Last class Ms. McCall and I talked about my sketches and I decided to make two more in addition to the first 6. We agreed that I should add something to the figures to make it less like Keith Haring's art. I decided to make the heads of my people triangles and to add a lot of squiggle bubbles in the background.

Last class, I was absent (3-20-17).

The previous class I finished drawing my design on the medium paper and got very close to finish coloring. I decided I was going to use watercolor for the background instead of using marker because most of the markers are dried out and watercolor would look nicer. In the end, watercolor was a good move because you can't see the marker lines. If I did this again I would just use watercolor.

My favorite thing about this project is that we have the freedom to make our designs how we would like. I also like that we base our designs off of the artist we pick and then make our own original work. I feel like this makes everything look more interesting and unique.

Last class, I finished coloring my project with water coloring. After I finished coloring, I put together my two covers. At first I was scared to see what they would look like because I was not happy with how my final piece came out, but I ended up liking them better when they were covers.

Last class I got a piece of big paper and started my design sketches. I decided to brainstorm ideas to make my piece look the best. I think I'm going to put a lot of more people on.

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