The School Newsletter Week 5, Term 4 2019

What's Coming Up

Monday 11 Nov - Fri 15 Nov: Year 2 Daily swimming program

Friday 15 November: Kinder 2020 Orientation #3

Monday 18 November: Financial Litercay lessson fro Yr 1-6

Wed 20 Nov - Fri 22 Nov: Year 5/6 Camp Pt/Wolstencroft

Thursday 21 Nov: Year 1 visit Tenison Apartments

Friday 22 November: Year 1 & 2, 3 & 4 celebrate Mass

From the Principal

This weekend marks the 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time, and the Gospel reading is taken from Luke 21:5-19. In this Gospel reading, Jesus speaks of fear and the end of time.

Fear is a natural human reaction. The star of Pirates of the Caribbean, Johnny Depp, makes this brave pirate shake in his boots because he is afraid of clowns. The actress Scarlett Johansson is afraid of cockroaches. Nicole Kidman can't stand butterflies, and singer Justin Timberlake is afraid of spiders.

In this Gospel reading, Jesus is with his disciples in the temple. The disciples were commenting on how beautiful the temple was when Jesus began to tell them about some things that were going to happen. He told them that the temple would one day be destroyed and that there would be wars, earthquakes and starvation. He also told them that they were going to be hated and persecuted and even thrown into prison. It would be understandable for the disciples to be afraid, but Jesus told them not to be afraid. He promised that he would be with them and that not a hair on their heads would be harmed if they put their trust in him.

Jesus has also promised to help us when we are afraid. Everyone is afraid of something, but we should not let our fears keep us from enjoying the life that Jesus wants us to have, because he has promised to help us when we are afraid. We must put our faith and trust in his promise to be with us when we are afraid.

Have a good week.

Peter Green


This Week's PBL

From The REC

1. St. Vincent de Paul “Summer Clothing Drive”: Please bring in good quality summer clothes for those doing it tough!

2. Gifts of Love – Christmas Appeal: The Mini Vinnies team is collecting Christmas food items for the St Vincent de Paul “Gifts of Love” appeal. Please see your class listed below and bring an item by Tuesday 26th November;

  • Kindergarten: Small ‘new’ toys (unwrapped)
  • Year 1: Christmas lollies
  • Year 2: Christmas chocolates
  • Year 3: Christmas cakes/puddings
  • Year 4: Christmas snacks (nuts, pretzels, chips, etc.)
  • Year 5: Christmas crackers/bonbons
  • Year 6: Christmas biscuits/pudding

3. Praying the Rosary

Our rosary beads have arrived. The students will be invited to pray the Rosary this Friday (15th November) during the recess break at 1.45pm. We would love you to join us. There will be rosary beads for all students and parents to use.

4. Remembrance Day

We thank Years 5 and 6 for leading us in prayer yesterday to commemorate Remembrance Day. We remember the sacrifices made for our country and we pray that the gift of peace, given to us by brave people, will be treasured, remembered and protected for generations to come.

We will remember them. Lest we forget

5. Upcoming Liturgies – Please join us for the following Liturgies

  • Years 1, 2, 3 & 4 Mass: Friday 22nd November at 9.30am in the church.
  • Advent & Gifts of Love liturgy: Monday 2nd December at 9.15am in the outdoor sacred space.
  • End-of-year Mass & Year 6 Graduation ceremony: Tuesday 17th December at 10.00am in the church.

Leanne Hyland

Religious Education Coordinator

Outstanding School Fees

After repeated communication on the matter of outstanding school fees, a number of families have neither contacted me to resolve the matter, nor paid their outstanding fees accounts. The school accepts its obligation to support families with limited financial resources who desire a Catholic education for their children, and we are able to negotiate suitable fee arrangements with these families. However, it is the responsibility of parents/carers to contact the school to arrange a suitable agreement.

We offer a number of school-related activities that are not core curriculum activities. One of these is the Year 5/6 camp to Point Wolstoncroft, which is to take place next week. The school reserves the right to exclude from this camp any students whose parents have either failed to pay their school fees account in full, or who have failed to honour their regular payments as per a written agreement.

Thank you in anticipation of your understanding.

Peter Green


Start Smart

On Monday next week, the students of Years 1 to 6 will attend a workshop at the school in which they will be taught about the value of money. The program was developed with a panel of leading specialists in primary education, cognitive development, instructional design and financial literacy. You can read about the subject matter of each of the workshops at https://startsmart.com.au/primary/. You will also find some useful resources at https://startsmart.com.au/teacher-resources/.

You Can Do It Education

Talk to your child about how you sometimes use this type of thinking in difficult situations.

A final reminder about our “You Can Do It” parent training on Tuesday next week (18th November), from 2.00 to 3.00 in the school library. Topic: Positive Mindset for Achievement (Confidence, Persistence, Organisation). RSVP to rachel.wright@mn.catholic.edu.au.

Long Hair

If your son or daughter's hair touches their shoulders, they are required to wear it tied back to school.

Shoulder length hair is required to be tied up at St Patrick's. This is not only about neatness, it also helps to limit the spread of head lice. We have always asked that girls have their hair tied up neatly, and in keeping with this rule, we must insist that the same rule applies to boys. If your son or daughter's hair touches their shoulders, they are required to wear it tied back to school.

We thank you for your cooperation.

ICAS Spelling and Science Results

Recently, six of our students entered the University of NSW ICAS Spelling Competition, and we are very proud of their efforts:

  • Participation awards: Dylan W, Layla W.
  • Credit award: Jagger W (top 23%), Emma W (top 33%), Victoria O (top 36%).
  • Distinction: Sheridan O (top 4%).

In addition, ten students entered the University of NSW ICAS Science Competition. Their results are as follows:

  • Participation awards: Flynn F, Layla W, Emma W, Jagger W, Tamika F, Victoria O, Thomas Mc, Charlotte C.
  • Merit award: Kate E (top 46%).
  • Credit award: Dylan W (top 13%).

These students were presented with their certificates at last Friday’s school assembly

Kindergarten Orientation #3

This Friday we will have our third and final Kindergarten 2020 orientation session. This session will be a wonderful opportunity for or newest students to get to know their Year 4 (Year 5 2020) buddies. Our thanks to Louise Stewart, Liz Walker, Cheryl Ogden, Lynne McMaster and Bronwyn Sartori who have done a wonderful job this year in ensuring that the children’s transition is as gentle (and exciting!) as possible.

Library News

Last Thursday the students received the last Book Club catalogues for this year. This is a bumper issue with lots of great ideas for Christmas. If you wish to purchase books as a surprise there is an option to do so through t =he online ordering option. Alternatively, if you order through the catalogue, please make a note that you would like it as a gift. Book club orders are due by Monday 25th of November.

Recently the library has had a mini makeover. We now have an excess shelving system which we are giving away. (See photos below). If you need more storage in your life, please contact the school office or Karen Devlin (teacher librarian).

This shelving unit (without books) - is available for free!

Survey: Can You Help Our Year 5/6 Students?

In their current unit of work in Geography, the students of Years 5 and 6 are studying people’s perceptions of Russia. To help them with their work, we are asking parents, other family members and friends of your family to spend a few minutes in completing a survey? You will find the survey here https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/QWXXTHQ

Thank you for your support. We appreciate it!

A Special Musical Day

Four of our students would love to tell you about our wonderful day of music last Thursday . . .

Today was a very special day because we had two things happen. Here’s the first one. The percussion band called “B’Tutta” came and they showed us their instruments which were marimba, vibraphone, timbale, congo, shekere and a djembe. They showed us how to conduct and they had students go up to conduct them. After lunch we all came to the hall to sing a song which was live around the nation called “We Are”. Teenagers from a Queensland High School made it into the competition. They put parts of their song with parts of other people’s song into making the song “We Are”. Thank you B’Tutta and Mrs Aumuller for setting this up for the whole school. We all enjoyed it.

- By Elijah

Today a band named B’Tutta came to our school and played some percussion instruments. We used our body and voice to make different sounds. We even had a chance to get up in front of the school and play some of their instruments. Lee, Graham, Andy and Mark taught us that in movies the sound is very important, but we don’t realise it because we’re so interested in the movie. We thank B’Tutta for coming to our school. After lunch the whole school came into the hall to sing the song “We Are”. We counted in and waited until it was our turn to sing. We did it live on TV with about 2000 other schools. We even had our Year 5 and 6 play the song on the ukuleles. It was fun getting the whole school to sing an amazing song. Thank you Mrs Aumuller for all your hard work and determination to make this so successful.

- By Lara

Today we had B’Tutta (which is a percussion band) come to our school and perform for us. We also took part in this year’s Count Us In and sang “We Are”. Firstly, B’Tutta came and they played lots of tunes with all of their interesting instruments. Some of us got to conduct the band. We also played a game called B’Tobra and the teachers got up and played it: that was really funny. Secondly, we sang “We Are” and others were live streaming. This happens every year but this was the first year that we participated. This day was very musical and fun. Thank you Mrs Aumuller for organising this amazing day and thanks to B’Tutta for performing for us.

- By Peppa

Today a band came to our school. Everyone had so much fun. We got to play some cool musical stuff. They played songs and some of us got to be the conductor. The band was called B’Tutta. I found out that the conductor is very important. Thank you for coming B’Tutta. Then after lunch we went to the hall to watch a live clip. All the kids on the live stream were so talented. They sang songs and some played violin. All of the Year 5 and 6 students played along to “We Are” which is a song. It was so cool. I had so much fun.

- By Lily

Congratulations Maddion

Last Wednesday, Madison (Year 3) competed in the 9 years girls 100 metres event at the NSW PSSA State Athletics Championships. Running a time of 15.38 seconds, Madison was placed 30th in the state. Her time at the Polding trials was 15.01 seconds. Madison was gracious in defeat and she is looking forward to doing it again next year. Congratulations Madison . . . We are very proud of you.

Year 3 at Taronga Zoo

On Tuesday 5th November, Year 3 went to Taronga Zoo to find about more about life cycles. We saw amazing wildlife like the cute meerkats, chimpanzees, and seals. We were even lucky enough to get up close and personal with a friendly echidna named ‘Lynx’. We had a great day at Taronga Zoo, exploring and learning about many incredible creatures. We would like to thank Mrs Windever, Mrs Wilks, Ms Wass and Mrs Hendriks for joining us. A special thank you to Mr Green who was our bus driver.

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