Navy Officer Wepons and machienary

Job discription

Producing weapons and fixing machines on the us navy battleship

Education requirements:bachelors degree needed

Skills:knowing the way the navy items are constructed, pateins and reassuring what is being done, proper behavior

Experience:requires no experience

Yearly pay: rounds up at the end

Advantages: paychecks when retired, free insurance, free collage

Disadvantages: fight and die to war, away from family, over seas

Why did I choose this carrier?.Knowing that you are in the navy feels like your changing millions of lives. I want to make sure we have the weapons and the materials to be able to fight for freedom.

Why would it be good to lift me up in this carrier? I can make this my living job until I retire know I'm doing something I love.

What attracts me the most in this carrier?being on a ship over seas

What are my concerns for this carrier? When will I be able to see my family again


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