DTC #6: Minute Vacation Enjoy one of LA’s best patios then a massive art space…or is it the other way around? You decide.





Take a load off as the sun goes down on one of LA’s best patios, transforming this corner of the city into a quasi-vacation getaway.

Afterwards trade the crowded tables for a vast array of packed walls and sneaky corners bursting with art and music.

The Mission in San Francisco, Wicker Park in Chicago, Brooklyn in New York and over the last few years…the Arts District in Los Angeles. This warehouse-laden area east of Skidrow seems to have a new “it” spot pop up every month.
Stop 1

local beers and draught cocktails on the patio of resident la

• 45 mins. before the sunset to when the crowds pour in •

Piñata stores, empty warehouses and streets-less-roamed pass by as you make your way to Resident LA. Step out to a beautifully vine covered building with flowers exploding out of its front gate. As you pass through two converted trailers, a scene reminiscent of Austin, Texas, you’ll notice the décor is a mixture of throwback outdoor movie theater, a roadside motel in Arizona and your friend’s backyard with the cool parents. It’s like a minute vacation in the middle of downtown LA. Comfortably relax on the patio with beer and sandwich in hand. Once the crowds pour in relinquish that perfect spot next to the fire pit because you’ve got a 60,000 sq/ft warehouse full of art waiting for you.

Stop 2

art exploration at the container yard

• Post crowded patio to when your feet get tired•

The short walk to the Container Yard reveals only one thing: that it is surprisingly concealed. Upon entering, the intertwined hallways and spaces happily give you the feeling of getting lost as a kid in a toy store. A cocktail from the interior bar is great company as you wander, neck cocked upwards in awe throughout the space. A DJ will most likely be playing a perfect soundtrack for your adventure down the rabbit hole. When you’ve exhausted yourself take a seat in the overly comfortable loungers and allow the new gawkers to pass you by.

Alternatives: You can reverse the order. Pop in to Container Yard for some early art and a drink then walk over to Resident for a later show.


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