Mentoring for All What We Are Learning

As our Mentoring for All work with boards continues to grow, below are some reflections and themes that have emerged from learning with and from mentors across the province.

Power of Mentoring Web and Learning Together across Roles
  • Idea of building a mentoring web across roles is modeled when everyone learns together (e.g., Office Administrator having a learning focused conversation with board Superintendent)
  • Under-served groups have been deeply appreciative of the broadening of mentorship supports and their inclusion in foundational learning opportunities
Feeling the stillness of morning north of Guelph
Foundational Mentoring for All Learning Sessions are the “easy part”
  • Mentoring Steering Committee with representation from all groups to plan learning and context specific support and follow up has been a great outcome of Mentoring for All in several boards
  • Many boards are developing a vision where every employee has access to a skilled web of mentors who can support them in their role
Watching the clouds roll in Thunder Bay
Relationship are messy and need continued care
  • All relationships – EDU with boards, faculties, federation partners require relational trust built through listening with uncertainty and understanding the complexity and messiness of learning
An Appreciation

To all the mentors we have had the privilege of working with and learning from, please accept our appreciation for your ongoing commitment to supporting the learning and growth of your colleagues and ultimately our students.

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