King Richard Biography Josie ceruti

King Richard was born September 6, 1157 at Beaumont Place, Oxford. He was born into the royal family and was the son of King Henry II. During 1173, Richard joined his family in a rebellion against Richard's father. Ten years later, in 1883,Richard was crowned king of England.

“Richard always showed strong talent in political and military ability. He was very influential and opinionated when it came to these topics and was always helpful in emergencies. Everyone was joyful when Richard was crowned king.” - Abner Smith, highly respected merchant.

In 1189, Richard joined with Philip II to defeat Richard’s father. These two were the cause of Henry II early death. Two years before this, Saladin had captured the holy land of Jerusalem and Richard wanted this land back. Joining and winning the third crusade become the king’s major priority. By 1190, Richard had come up with the funds to join the third crusade to reclaim Jerusalem. )When Richard and his army reached Cyprus, Richard married Berengaria and Richard was the father of two sons.) Richard was so dedicated to this fight against the Muslims that he got the nickname, Richard the lionheart and became known for his bravery and devotion. “The king was always a step ahead. He was devoted to the Third Crusade and was sure that he would win. On the battlefield he was always the first to dive into the fight with such courage and confidence”, Ben Taylor, Richard’s army

head general. Within the same of the next two years, Richard had taken Cyprus, Acre, and Arsuf from Saladin, though he was unable to capture his main focus, Jerusalem.

“The king tried to shield us from his emotions, but he was sobbing in defeat. Our lionheart was so let down. We could here him screaming his prayers ‘please God! Please! I don't ever want to see this blessed and holy city unless it can be Christian. Please lord! Forgive me!?”

Saladin become the king's biggest enemy. However, Saladin was always courteous to the king. The Third crusade went without a winner. Both sides won multiple battles but Richard and his army were unsuccessful in taking back their holy city. During September of 1192, Richard and Saladin signed a peace treaty in order to stop the fighting. Richard however, only signed this treaty to give himself time to go back to England and gather reinforcements in a second attempt to win. On his journey home, Richard ended up in Venice and was imprisoned. I huge ransom needed to be payed to bail the King of England out. Enough money was collected to pay the bail and Richard returned to England. When he got back, he was crowned again as if to repay his people for paying the ransom. Shortly after he returned to England, Richard was killed, leaving him unable to try to capture Jerusalem again. Richard had reigned for almost ten years. After his death at age 41 in 1199, his younger brother John was left as his successor

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