Yahoo Backup Software to Download and Export Yahoo Mails to PST File Transfer / Move Altaba Emails in Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010 and below

Nowadays, each and every user relies on the internet to have their professional as well as personal communication. Web-based email client such as Yahoo is being widely used throughout the world. Nevertheless, Yahoo! like to keep its repository clear therefore, it deletes users accounts, which have not been being used for long. Hence, Yahoo users are advised to have a backup of their accounts so as to evade risk of losing data. In this article, we will discuss how one can download Yahoo emails, contacts, calendars with Yahoo Mail Backup Software and export them to Outlook PST.

Overview of Yahoo Mail Software

One of the most popular email clients among users is Yahoo! Mail. It offers some absolutely unique features, which makes this web-based client outstanding.

  • Storage Space: When it comes to storage, Yahoo! is one such application, which gives others a run for their money since it provides 1TB of free space.
  • Contacts: The other remarkable feature is that Yahoo! Mail enables users to add contacts from their Facebook account, Gmail, or Outlook.
  • Security: Yahoo users may no longer worry about security as their emails are being protected by encrypting technology. Besides, its spam filters block billions of spam messages daily.
  • Inbox having vibrant themes: Yahoo! Mail allows users to apply themes to their inbox. Moreover, it provides services like calendar, notepad, instant messaging, and search.

Reasons to Have Yahoo Backup Software

There are several reasons that compel users to have a backup of their Yahoo account. Some of them are explained below:

  • Yahoo! Mail expires & deletes users account after several months of inactivity for maintenance of its repository clean. If users do not want to lose any valuable email, they must archive Yahoo data on their local system.
  • With the arrival of desktop-based email clients in the market, most of the people are rushing towards these desktop applications. One such email application is Microsoft Outlook. When users want to migrate Yahoo Mail to Outlook PST, they can perform this migration using Yahoo Backup Software.
  • One more reason to have Yahoo backup is that Yahoo! locks users’ account temporarily, which may lead to the data loss. This locking happens when Yahoo found any suspicious activity or hacking on an email id. There are other locking reasons also like incorrect password attempt or sending huge emails simultaneously.
  • This foremost advantage of archiving Altaba data is to copy Yahoo emails to hard drive in file format like PST, which makes the information (emails, contacts, calendars of yahoo account) portable.

Yahoo Backup Software : Move Yahoo Mail To Outlook

A team of experts have created a tool named as Yahoo Backup Software, which provides the best approach to save Yahoo emails, contacts, calendar, etc., on a local hard drive. Following are some of the noteworthy features of this application:

  • Move folders from Yahoo Mail to Outlook: Entire mail folders of Yahoo like Inbox, Sent, Trash, Drafts, etc., will be transferred to Outlook without any data loss.
  • Set Internal Bandwidth & Throttling: Yahoo Backup software allows users to set internet bandwidth in kbps & mbps while backing up the data. In addition to this, users are allowed to customize the throttling, as per their need.
  • Apply Mail Filter for Date wise Backup: The tool has a powerful date filter option, which enables a user to download emails of a particular time period. One just need to mention a particular time duration and then, software itself will download selected data.
  • Support Multiple Languages: Apart from English language, this application supports different languages such as French, German, Japanese, Portuguese & Spanish. Therefore, users can utilize this feature to access software in their compatible language.


Having backup will be saving end users from catastrophic data loss. The same applies to Yahoo users because their account are more likely to being locked or deleted. Therefore, its better to have a copy of Yahoo mails on their local hard drive with one of the best method i.e. Yahoo backup Software.

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