Adobe TeachMeets Free & online for K12 & Higher Ed teachers in any curriculum area

Starting in November and continuing throughout 2022

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Be inspired by Primary, Secondary and Higher Ed teachers who are passionate about the use of Adobe's vast array of applications to help enhance digital literacy and creativity in the teaching and learning process. Each live session will provide practical how-to guides, classroom examples and resources for a range of the following modern communication techniques for teachers and students ...

  • simple video stories
  • serious video editing
  • presenting via a mobile app prototye
  • image manipulation
  • online publication for community and assessment
  • desktop publication
  • augmented reality
  • virtual reality
  • 3D imagry
  • PDF manipulation for assessment
  • podcasting
  • photography
  • graphic design
  • UI & UX design

and so much more ...

Each online TeachMeet will run for two consecutive afternoon/evening sessions, twice a term with multiple topic options during each session.

There will be session options for beginners who are new or inexperienced with Adobe apps as well as sessions for those who are keen to be pushed to a higher level of digital literacy and creativity.

There will also be sessions for teachers who are required (by the nature of the subject they teach such as Media, IT, Digital Art) to develop a higher level of skill within a range of Adobe applications.

No prior experience with Adobe software is required.

Note that these sessions will not be recorded, they are designed for live interaction. There are lots of on-demand professional learning options on the Adobe Education Exchange for those who prefer not to be part of a live session.

Created By
Tim Kitchen