DATING AMBER by david freyne

We haven't been able to go to the cinema together this time. "Dating Amber" is the film we would've seen. Here's all about it!

Dating Amber was shot by Irish writer/director David Freyne. It follows a young, gay teen in 90s-era Ireland who feigns a heterosexual relationship with his lesbian friend Amber to avoid discrimination and feeling socially isolated.

As Freyne suggests, it’s a romantic comedy– but it’s also a reflection on his own experiences in growing up as a queer youth in Ireland.

A lot of what happens in the movie is true to life and the director’s own experience. It shows how the two main characters have very different experiences with coming out.

Like Eddie, Freyne was one of those kids who had to leave Ireland, to ease his pain, to find the strength to become who he was.

Fionn O'Shea plays Eddie.

There were other people who found the courage to be who they were, where they were. That’s Amber! A person who was able to do that in that time in history.

And they helped each other come to those difficult conclusions. The film is a love letter to those two types of kids: those who were able to stay, and those who left.

Lola Petticrew plays Amber.

In the queer community, your first love is very often that first friend that becomes that tribe, that person who helps shape the person you become. Freyne loves the idea that Eddie and Amber may lose touch, but they’ll always be that great love who helped them figure out who they are.

“It was a very eye-opening process, both the writing and the making of the film. I think I learned a lot of really good things about myself. I was so used to looking at my past and those years in a very dark, shitty kind of way, and you discover how resilient you were as a person.

I think it’s giving yourself credit for those things that you didn’t before. I put myself in the shoes of other people around me, and I learned a lot about them. I definitely learned a lot, and it was a really cathartic and fun process – the whole thing.” David Freyne

adapted from: https://moviehole.net/interview-dating-amber-writer-director-david-freyne/

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