The Influenza Vaccination Brittany Weatherstein

In the Campbell County School system children are not required to get the flu vaccination and in return sick children may come to school and spread the germs.
School aged children play outside with one another possibly spreading the contagious influenza virus.
With a tight schedule children in the Campbell County school system, students rarely have time to wash their hands before lunch time. As the students eats, the germs they have been touching and exposed to all day are now being transferred into the body, which in return can make them sick.

Aside from the school being a small area where germs can be transferred, and in return spread the flu, the play ground is just another instance of a place where germs are readily spread at school.

One other place dealing with school that holds germs and promotes the spread of the virus is the school bus.

By receiving one simple vaccination many students, and even the community around them, can become a healthier place.
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Brittany Weatherstein


Created with images by Matteo Bagnoli - "influenza - flu" • permanently scatterbrained - "I can blow my nose all by myself." • US Department of Education - "IMG81"

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