Tallgrass MAdisyn adams

Exemplary Evaluator May 4

  1. Award winning Sandra Dallas
  2. Her novels have been translated into foreign languages
  3. Journalism graduate
  4. Graduated from the University of Denver
  5. Began her career as a reporter with business week
  6. magazines first female bureau chief
  7. She covered the rocky mountain region, writing about everything from penny stock sandals to hard-rock mining
  8. Many of her experiences have been incorporated into her novels.
  9. She wrote nine nonfiction books
  10. She in a finalist for the Colorado Book Award
  11. The Mountain and Plains booksellers association
  12. and a three-time finalist for the Women Writing the West Willa Award
  13. Mother of two daughters
  14. Sandra lives in Denver with her husband, Bob
  15. New York times bestseller
  16. Doesn't have a lot of friends
  17. Went to 10 internment camps to write this novel
  18. People warned her not to write this novel
  19. In 1990 she started writing Fiction books
  20. Several of her books are set in the West where she used to live when she was six
  21. Sandra Dallas did not experience Tallgrass but she did do research on the internment camps in Journalism school
  22. Being historically accurate mattered to her
  23. This book was taken a year or two after the actual event
  24. She doesn't appreciate it when authors fudge accuracy
  25. She doesn't care how small the errors are she thinks that they are still innacurate

Connection Builder May 2

In the novel Tallgrass Rennie mom is really sick so Rennie is having to care for her mom but not only does she have to do that she also has to do all the work her mom usually does plus hers. My real world connection is with a nurse a nurse cares for people. Rennie is caring for her mom no matter what happens her dad is also in stress so Rennie also has to cheer up her father. The reason I chose a nurse is because a nurse has to care for there patients.Let me ask you a question while one of your family members is in the hospital your not so happy are you? But a nurse has to help out the family members so that she doesn't get stressed while working on the patient with almost 30 people looking over her soldier and crying.

Extra Credit: There are many ways to prevent sickness nowadays right now I am just going to go over one. A way to prevent sickness is to make Medicine for it. And that is my way to prevent sickness.

Character Captain May 2

Literary Luminary April 28

Discussion Director April 26

  • The antagonist in my story did a lot of horrible things to the Japanese community today I will just discus 5.
  • The Japs were suspected of remaining loyal to there ancestral land so the Government made the decision relocate all of the Japs to internment camps.
  • They took over 127,000 Japanese in the internment camps and forced them to live in military barracks.
  • President F. Roosevelt made the internment camps.
  • The Japs camps weren't as bad as the concentration camps because they actually got fed in interment camps.
  • If any american did not agree with the internment camps the Government would put them with the Japs and make them suffer.
  1. The protagonist culture 7 pieces
  2. The japs had to make there own blankets.
  3. The Japs died due to emotional stress and no doctors the also got killed by the americans for refusing to listen.
  4. After being taken by the americans the Japs had to sell there homes and stores including all there assets.
  5. Because of what the government did to the Japs Reagan Bush provided a 20,000 check for whoever was in the internment camps.
  6. The Japs in the internment camps did not have AX so during the warm months there was over 127,000 people all over everybody with there sweaty bodies.
  7. Made a propaganda about the Japs stating that the Japs are horrible human beings and they needed to suffer they did this so that the americans would believe that they were and not feel bad for the Japs.
  8. The Japanese religion was shinto during world war 2 forced be the Government

Exemplary Evaluator April 25

This represents an ethical propaganda because they are basing it on logical events.It also represents it because it is right Vs. wrong just because they did something doesn't mean we do something wrong they are making everybody believe that it is right.And that is why i thing this represents Ethical.

Connection Building April 24

In the novel Tallgrass my character Rennie Stroud is similar to me because she is very smart. Rennie Stroud is similar to me because she gets scared over none scary things. For example when the Japs came Rennie was scared that they would come to there house because they are americans.She also is similar to me because she remembers tiny memories that aren't that important to other people but are to her. For example when her and her dad run to the store in his truck she remembers the licorice that he always gives her tiny memories like that last a lifetime to her and her reason why she loves those memorise is that if her dad ever dies she will remember him when she goes to the store or sees licorice. This is only some reasons why Rennie is similar to me stay tuned for more:)

Character Captain April 21

Literary Luminary April 19

Discusstion Director April 18

In the fictional novel Tallgrass by Sandra Dallas. The main character Rennie Stroud is going through a rough time trying to figure out why life is not fair anymore.She does not get why the Japanese are being held up in internment camps.When they did not do anything to hurt us.Yet people keep on bothering her about when the Japanese came and bombed Pearl Harbor. She gets angered with her towns people when they always talk about it and say "they should be in there that they did that to themselves do not feel bad for them!".

Rennie Stroud is very classy and has a big imagination.She believes that what people see and think of about her should be good."If I ever smoked cigarettes, I'd use a holder, a long black Bakelite one, set with rhinestones".By this quote she says If I ever smoke which means she probably will not do it.When she does or If she does she will do it classy.

Rennie Stroud also has a great memory.She remembers happy memory's like going on a truck ride with her father.Having that quality is a great thing when you get older. When also loves licorice and will admit when when she eats the rest of her fathers. In the end Rennie is a very happy Outgoing person she also is very smart and believes in what she chooses to believe in.

Exemplary Evaluate April 17

I chose this theme because the main character of the story got told by her father that life was Fair but when the Japs got taken in it didn't seem to fair for her. Then it was her decision to try and make it fair again.

Connection Builder April 13

For my Holocaust LIT. I am reading the book called Tallgrass and for the project we have today I read the picture book I will come back for you. These two are similar because In my novel it is during World War 2 and During the picture book it is also during World War 2.Some People think that there not similar but both the Germans and Us took poor innocent people and forced them to labor with no pay and a lot of people died during both of these horrible times.They also are similar because The Germans and the Americans felt the Japs and the Jews were a threat to our society.They also are similar because in both of these they squished them in interment camps even though it is super hot and didn't get AC and its super cold and didn't get heaters.

Character captain April 12

  • Rennie Stroud
  • Smart,Clever,Calm,Nice
  • Daughter of MR and MRS Stroud Mattie is her sister
  • Enjoys going on rides with her father and eating licerous
  • She feels threatened that the Japs will get out and hurt her
  • She needs a gun by her bed and the doors locked everynight
  • She will give anything to help her familys farm
  • She fear there will be a war and they will lose there farm
  • She would like to see the kids of the Japs and help teach them to read
  • She lives in Ellis Mr.Halleck
  • Stroud

Literary Luminary April 11

  • "We got a four-stranded double barbed-wire fence all around the place for your safety"Pg.29 Comment:I dont agree with this quote its like there putting a prison on peoples property and the americans aren't happy with it so there like oh well we will put a double barbed wire fence so yall shouldnt care.
  • "Bud would have been drafted by now" Pg.27 Comment:They are talking about being drafted into the military like hes probably now going to be able to be included into the war because they already sent out there emails about it.
  • "We don't need them. We think they are peaceable folks. We don't expect a bit of trouble out of them"Pg.29 Comment:I believe that the americans think these people are peaceful and wont disturb anybody so why put hem in internment camps when the towns people of japan didn't know anything about what was going on for pearl harbor.
  • "Ain't you ever heard of Pearl Harbor?"Pg.29 Comment:Some of the people in the town don't understand what is going on why there only putting Japs in the internment camp but this person does.I for one don't agree with what there doing because there not only hurting the Japs they are disturbing the Americans.
  • "I guarantee you none of those folks out at Tallgrass dropped thee bombs." Pg.29 Comment:See this is what i'm saying I totally agree with this quote they should be getting the military guys not the other people because for all they knew is we did something first.
  • "I don't want my kids playing with Japs"Pg.30 Comment:This person doesn't want her kids playing with Japs because they are the younger generation of the military and doesn't want them to influence them badly.


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