Photography Portfolio Timothy Perry



my first time developing, learned the basics of photography. For this photo of lilies, I tried to capture the ridges and bumps on their pads. This helped me acquire a skill for detail.


Not really my area in the world of photography as some of the negatives came out rather light
I do have some favorites and this one here is probably my favorite out of all the pictures I took for this project. I really like the contrast from the shadow casted by this tree to the very vivid and bright outer layer of leaves. It was very sunny that day and I think the contrast shows that.
Trees and shrubs
I really like this because I believe I incorporated some elements of texture in this landscape of a tree and a bench. You can see the ridges of the bench as well as the bark from the tree.
This is ok for me although I feel like its way too bright and without much contrast, it doesn't really give much focus to this arch of light as you walk down this path.


Portrait photography is fun and I feel like I captured Valeria in such a way that makes you go "WOW". Her piercing gave gives off a subtle sense of seriousness.
Ripped jeans
Boredom in the commons
I love this photo of Lily because I captured a feeling of perplexity and curiosity (probably because of the glasses haha) but maybe if I took it to deeper meaning, her gazing at her reflection with her face signifying a range between perplexity, curiosity, and confusion, maybe it means that she's realizing that perception of herself doesn't equate to reality, or what everyone else sees.

double negatives

I love this double negative of me because I convey a sense of carefree spirit and nonchalance which is enhanced by the transparency of flowers. I feel like a flower happy hippy child.
Seeing isn't always believing
I like this because its like the outline of body is morphed into the background of this bench and tree.
Probably my best photograph out of everything I took over the course of this semester. The glasses in the glass ball. The glasses convey the desire to reach our goals by helping us see them but were limited in the ball that we live in called society. It's cliche but its fun to play around topics like this through photography.

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