Management World Class Artists

Delivering remarkable live performances and high quality music.

Diana Boss (DJs)

Classic House, Deep House

Live DJ & AV Sets

From day parties to after parties, Diana Boss hits dance floors with sex, sophistication, & infectious marathon sets.

Michael Fraser

Producer, Gypsy Violinist, DJ

Live Set, String Quartet & DJ Set

"Michael's set at Shambhala had the crowd going wild. His fiddle riffs and jump kicks set the stage for the circus performers that followed - Byron Whitlaw, Shambhala Music Festival

Bukue One

Rapper, MC, Graffiti, Skateboarder

Live Rap Performance & Workshops

Bukue One is dedicated to preserving the essence of hip hop as a culture, through music, art and behind the scenes on the business side!

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Vintage Remix DJ Sets

Live Remixed DJ Set

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot's sound is a combination of vintage music from the 20s-50s fused with modern electronic production and beats.


Afro House, Deep House

Live DJ Set

Matthew1626's music lifts each person higher. We are all family all colour backgrounds and beliefs. Give thanks for this life and dance!

Meet The Team

left-to-right Michael Fraser (Artist Manager / Coach), Eva Shortt (PR / Publicity), Eliazar Hanson (Grant Writer). Michael Kennedy (Artist Liaison / Assistant Manager)
Created By
Michael Fraser