-Changed the focus of analysis from the development of the character as the plot progresses to an analysis of the character itself.

-Switched to spark for background images and better presentation skills

-Changed two of my songs

-Gave more focus to the analysis of sonic elements

Things I liked/Disliked about this project:

- Uniqueness and creativity involved in the process. Till now wall the character analysis that I had written were like essays, where I had to mention about some of the character’s qualities and had to mention why they were pertinent to the story. But here, I had to think hard not only about the character’s qualities, but what song would fit it best. This was like having a whole new tool for expression, I thought this was really interesting not just because I had not done anything of this sort before, but also because I realized the power of music as a means of communication.

- I was able to learn anything about the HTML codes that I wanted to, simply by googling it so in that way it was easy for me to do my formatting

Challenges and how I tried to overcome them:

- Though I have always enjoyed listening to music I have never received any formal training in music or any musical instrument. This made it slightly hard for me not only to analyze what effect things like beat, pace and rhythm are intended to make, but also it was slightly hard for me to pick out sonic elements. So to help me out with that I searched the internet for various song analysis, and critical reviews of the songs that I had chosen, and was able to identify and relate the sonic elements to my character Jon Proctor.

- Initially I had misinterpreted this assignment slightly, so it was a challenge for me to make the songs I had chosen relevant to the character as a whole. So I eliminated the songs that I thought did not line up very well with the overall character and got new ones in its place. Even for the songs I retained I tried to show how it was relevant to the character on the whole.

Things I learnt

- I had never written an HTML code in my life, so I felt oddly proud of myself when I completed this project.

- Power of music as a tool of communication

- Identification and analysis of sonic elements.

Soldier of a lost cause


-Checked for Typos and errors.

-Made transitions smoother.

-Added more twine related effects

-Added images where possible

-Changed background

-Gave alternative endings to the story

Things I liked about this project:

- I was overwhelmed by the sheer freedom that was given to us in this project. I could create literally ANYTHING that I wanted. So I thought of writing a fictional story that relevant in today’s world. And being an integrational student and Trump’s recently allowed bans of people from certain countries was something that struck with me. I was thinking of the different types problems all sorts of people in the states would be facing because of it, and thinking along those lines I thought it would be a great idea to write a story about a doctor whose entire life’s work rests in the states, but he needs to leave because of this new policy. I thoroughly enjoyed writing the story with multiple endings and options and adding different effects on twine.

Challenges and how I tried to overcome them:

- Like I mentioned earlier I was overwhelmed by the flexibility in this project, (being a fan of sci-fi movies) I thought It might be cool to give the viewers a glimpse into both past and future and show how time has changed humans that have gone on to become extremely greedy humans. In theory this looked like a good idea but in practice my story would be really too complex for a medium like twine. So thought I could try to add videos to my twine to cut short its length a bit. But then I realized it was infeasible so I changed my topic.

- Even though we were advised against it, I thought it would be a good idea to type up my story with multiple endings on a word doc and them convert them into twine. But as a result my twine was a little choppy and did not have smooth transitions. But I tried to change that in my final revision, by removing the word ‘next’ for transitions and instead having to click on text that was related to the next twine.

- I didn’t know which would be good effects to use in my twine, so when I was revising my twine I had a look at a lot of my friends’ works and got ideas of how to use that feature better.

Things I learnt

- Enhanced my story writing skills.

- Creatively use twine as a medium for communication.



-Changed the entire voice over, to sound more friendly and interactive.

-used adobe spark video feature to create transition pages as well as for the introduction

-tries to make visual aspect more relevant to the audio.

-added a smooth background track

-Added relevant transition effects between the clips

-Added video layering in certain places to make it more interesting.

Final draft
Things I liked/disliked about this project:

When I was doing my first draft of the project I got a little frustrated because I had never really made a video before an was not being able to handle all the things that I could do with Camtasia very well. But by the time I got back to revising it and had a better control on it, I loved revising it the most.

I am not a big gamer, do for me this game was slightly boring in the sense I feel I required too much patience to carefully review all the objects, and would have never played a game like gone home if it were not for this class, but when I completed ‘gone home’ I realized the level of planning that goes into every little detail of the game and was thoroughly impressed by it.

Also by the time I was revising the video I had learnt the video layering and masking feature and was obsessed with it and tried to implement it everywhere I could.

Challenges and how I tried to overcome them:

Okay, so for some reason my computer kept on crashing whenever I tried to open gone home and Camtasia together at the same time. So to record the snippets from the game, I found out an online game though and pulled out the games clips from there instead. But it took a LOT of time because I had to browse through an hour long video every time I wanted to look for a little clip for the video. As a result for my first draft lacked good video editing quality as I ended up using most of my time looking for clips. However, I do feel like I was able to improve this in my revision.

The biggest challenge I faced was in revising my video. I had decided to redo my voice over because I feel like my voice delivery in the first one was like where I was reading a script and did not sound engaging at all. But my new voice overs timing was very different from my initial one so the timing of the audio content was not matching the video. Initially I tried to play around with the clip speeds to get rid of this problem, but I realized this would worsen the quality of my video. So, I started again. I already had most of the clips I needed but found some new and more suitable ones to fill in the time gaps.

Also for some reason my camtasia adds a time stamp on the top right corner of all my videos, to fix that I had zoomed in a little on the video so that part gets cropped out, but I realized a result certain important parts from my video were getting cut out, so I had to leave that there.

Things I learnt

Using Camtasia to make a video

How, the medium of a video game could beautifully be used to tell an exploratory story.

Effective voice delivery for an engaging video

Video layering and many other cool tools on Camtasia



Removed the time stamp at the top right corner

Tried to make song transitions slightly smoother

Learnt and added video layering in the introduction and at around 27 seconds.

Ensured that there were no grammatical or content errors

Changed the color of font at certain places to make sure that it was perfectly visible

Removed YouTube watermarks

Final draft
Things I liked/disliked about this project:

This was my favorite project in this class. I really liked how we could use visual tools to enhance the power of the poem. I enjoyed it a lot to make this project. Since this this was a relatively easy project I got a chance to look at a lot of Camtasia tutorials and was really able to pick up my video editing skills.

Challenges and how I tried to overcome them:

Just before turning in my first draft I started to think that my music was not going very well with the rest of my poem or the video so I decided to change that. But then all my words were not in line with my audio, I had to re-work the timing of the visual part and the text of my video.

This time I chose two different songs one which went with the theme of disappointment at the start at the second that was a little more upbeat and gave the feel of rising up and fighting again. But, the problem was in the transition. Even though I played around with the fade-in/out feature and tried to add audio point to make a near un-noticeable transition, but I think a better job could have been done if I had some sound editing experience.

Things I learnt

How to aid the message of a poem with visual content.

When to add text and how to sync it with music

Challenges and how I tried to overcome them:


tRAILER Draft:1

-Removed time stamp

Final draft
Things I liked about this project

-By the time I started this video I had acquired decent mastery in video editing so I was having a lot of fun with it try to see how I could make it more unique and different from the ones that I had already made. One such thing that I did in this video was I had music pacing up and different video clips blending in with the music. I will talk about this a little more in detain the next section.

Challenges and how I tried to overcome them

The hardest part for me in this video was that I had to compress thigs that were written in an entire book in a little less than 2 minutes. So I talked about the themes that I felt were important in the story and as my music paced and progressed I talked about a different theme with a clip that I thought did a good job at enrapturing the theme. I was satisfied with the overall quality of this project as it looked a lot like the professional movie trailers. But I think a major fall back in this project was that it mainly consisted of clips from the movie, but It was slightly hard to find things that were relevant to this video other than the movie clips.

Another problem that I had encountered when doing this project was that I wanted to use a deluge from the movie, but the audio track also consisted the movie’s background music and I couldn’t separate it. So I chose to give it a voice over and said out the dialogue myself instead

Things I learnt

Trying to use video as a medium for captivating readers for a book

Better editing on camtasia

Final draft
Things I liked about this project:

I really enjoyed reading both the comic and the movie. I was particularly fascinated by how Dr. Manhattan could perceive time. I thought deeply about both the pros and the cons of this power and wondered whether I would want to have such a power and responsibility if given a choice.

This was the first time that I got introduced to adobe spark. I really liked how I could create a cool web page with clear presentation. In fact I even liked it so much that I used it for my playlist revision and final portfolio as well.

Challenges and how I tried to overcome them:

The main challenge that I faced was that Adobe spark doesn’t have a lot of room for customization. So instead of using its predesigned templates or, adding images through spark (which could crop some part of it) I collected everything on a word file and imported the things that I needed to as one image on spark.

Another problem with spark was that there was no proper way to save it and I lost my work once so I wrote everything down on word as a backup and then added it on spark.

Things I learnt

How to create web pages using spark

Maintain balance between the text you produce and the media materials you use.

Portfolio video 1

Porfolio video 2

Final note on the class.

This was literally the most different English class I had ever taken, in the sense that I had so much more liberty and freedom to express my thoughts and Ideas in I feel like there is a lot I got to learn out of this class, not only about using different softwares, but about creatively being able to express myself and my ideas. And most importantly I thoroughly enjoyed this class.


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