Portugal By: Drew Batye

Portugal Physical features
  • Portugal has many physical features that are historical and attract lots of tourists.
This is the Belem tower, located in Lisbon, Portugal.
Portugal language

here is a video of how to speak the portuguese language

Portuguese language
  • Portugal got there language from the Iberian Peninsula
Portugal religion

Portugal is 81% catholic, And about 19% attend Mass(a preparation for the catholic) and take the sacraments regularly.

Portugal's main food source

Portugal mainly gets their food from sea, A common food for tourists is Caldo verda.

Portugal sports

Portugal has many sports, including soccer, futsal( a modified version of soccer), basketball, and roller hockey.

Portuguese clothing

In Portugal women's clothing is called Bouffants,including, leggings and a sambraro, with men they wear tras-os-montes.

Portuguese music and dance styles

Portugal has many different dance styles and music some of the music they have are a lot similar to our music, to name a few: hip hop, rap, Heavy metal, Jazz and more.

Portugal's leader

The leader of Portugal is Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa

This is Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa
Famous event in Portugal

some famous events in Portugal are There was a roman conquest of Liberia in 218 B.C.

This is a map of Portugal, home to 10,000,000 people
Portugal wars

Portugal had a war from 1926-1933 when their was a Military dictatorship.

This is the Portuguese flag which was made in 1820s

The portuegese people made this song.


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