Tattoos on the Heart Project By olympia koliopoulos

Chapter 1- God, I Guess: The theme of this chapter is indeed God, but not just God in general. It goes into depth about how God sees us as enough, or firme. God is too busy loving us to be disappointed in us. One of my favorite stories from the chapter is the story with Willy and how he is firme. It shows how much Fr. Boyle cares for the homies and how the homies return the favor. Seeing the bond between them is very uplifting.

Chapter 3- Compassion: The main theme of this chapter is of course compassion and how important it is. God is compassion; every question can be answered with compassion. Jesus did so and succeeded. One of the most impactful stories was the story of Betito and how he was the "Real Deal." Though sad, it shows how such a young kid got so much out of life and added so much to it. Another impactful story was how the Dolores Mission Church had been vandalized and Fr. Boyle managed to bring something nice out of it. He told everyone to accept it and the members of the church became proud of who the church represented.

Chapter 6- Jurisdiction: The theme of this chapter is that we are all in each other's jurisdictions. Fr. Boyle says that we must get rid of our judgement to truly be in each other's jurisdiction. We have to be inclusive. The most impactful story of this chapter was the story of Clever and Travieso. Though they were originally "enemies," they worked together and became friends. After Clever becomes brain dead, Travieso offers his blood and shows how much he cares. They are in each other's jurisdiction.

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