Oregon Adventure Traveling through Oregon's natural world

Standing on the Precipice: A rickety wooden observation deck cloaked in a thick layer of fog that obscures our view of the Saddle Mountain Wilderness area provided a prime picture opportunity. Saddle Mountain is one of the tallest peaks in the Northern Oregon Coast range and provides beautiful views of wildflowers in the Spring, and ominous fog in the Fall.

Nearing the Peak

As we ascend into the clouds, a sense of claustrophobia looms as the tops of the trees appear to reach out into nothingness.

Long Way Down

A long fir tree grows between the opposing sides of a valley. Just to the left and up the rock face is the summit marked by the triangular cement base of an old fire watch station.

The Master

With over 50 years of outdoor experience under his belt, my dad taught me everything I know about the outdoors. Here he is in his "study" where he houses random artifacts from his previous adventures.


In his hand he holds a hand-tied fly fishing fly. The bright orange and red catches the attention of the fish as it drifts down the surface of a lazy river or creek. While he doesn't go out as often as he used to, you may still be able to find my dad casting his line into his favorite hole on the North fork of the Nahalem River.

Adventure in the South

Just outside our doors here in Southern Oregon lies a plethora of outdoor spectacles just waiting to be witnessed. On this journey, we set off on the Hobart Bluff scenic trail to watch the sunrise from the top of the Klamath-Siskiyou National Forest.

As the Sun Rises!

Noah and Andrew sit in the grainy cloak of darkness as they face the East, waiting for the arrival of the sun.

Through the Clouds

After two hours waiting in nearly freezing wind and a few smatterings of light rain, the sun breaks through the low-lying clouds in the East and makes our journey worth it.

Leisurely Stroll Down

The walk to the summit was made in the black of night and was filled with talks of marauding ax murderers and hungry mountain lions. The walk down was illuminated by the early morning sun and was far more enjoyable. Here, Sophia takes time to inspect the spit-like cocoons created by the spittle bug.

the Power of nature

Our journey into the wild was marked by this photo. The natural world and our own world collide all the time. The car ride home would be filled with laughs and a lighthearted mockery of my decision to wake up earlier than the sun.


Adventure is everywhere. Whether you find it in the peaks of the Northern coast range or the rugged landscape of the South, Oregon provides ample opportunities to explore the natural world. After years of exploring Oregon I feel as though my journey is just getting started. Go out into the world and find your own adventures!

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