Kirby Aschliman Portfolio


This is a video of the DeKalb winter percussion 2017 IPA percussion scholastic A state finals performance. This was my first year in the drumline program here at DeKalb. I really had to step out of my comfort zone to join drumline, It was something I had never done and I didn't know if I could do it.Drumline was a huge commitment it was three hours of practice every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. Not to mention your entire Saturday because of competitions and I didn't miss one performance or practice the entire four months of the season. I also had to learn how to play a different instrument and a new marching style. Drumline is a group activity and you're truly only as strong as your weakest link and I managed to fit myself into the group.

Knowledge and Thinking

This is a documentary about Adolfo Kaminsky that was made for the National History Day project in world bio. For this project we to make some form of presentation to represent how someone significant took a stand in history. My group chose the Beer Hall Putsch in the beginning and actually ended up changing to Adolfo Kaminsky. We were faced with many challenges after choosing the topic of Adolfo, there was not that much information about him because he played a small role in the French Rebellion. But we managed pervale in what was one of my favorite projects, we made something we were proud of.


In our project project managing to give back we had to volunteer at a place of our choosing for an hour with our group. None of us had really volunteered before let alone by ourselves and none of us were really looking forward to having to take our time out of the day, but we found a place that sounded alright and it was the animal shelter. We ended up recruiting some people from other groups. It came down to the day and we all showed up and we end up having a lot of fun, we stayed there for two hours instead of just one and we got play with a bunch of animals definitely worth it.

Oral Communication

This is the generation DIY presentation. This was the first project that we did in the new tech and it was such a weird experience. We had four periods to work on a project about how we were gonna brighten our future, and it was the first time i had really thought about my future. we ended up presenting to mr.wagner and i was really nervous but we did really good and we made it to the finals. We presented for the finals and we had a really good run, but didn’t win, still it was a great presentation and i'm proud to have my name on it

Written Communication

For my written communication artifact i am choosing this portfolio. As far as writing goes i'm not a huge fan nor am i very good at, and i don't put my best effort in it so for this project i decided to get some help so i consulted with some people to make my writing better and put my best effort and i'm proud of how its came out and i'm not usually proud of what i writ and i have enjoyed writing for once and it's been really satisfying.

About Me

My name is Kirby Aschliman and I am a freshman at DeKalb High School. A little bit about me, I am 15 as of right now and am really into the music program here at DeKalb. This will have been my 4th year in band altogether and my first year participating in marching band and drumline. I take a lot of time making sure that within these extra curricular activities I attend all practices and make it my best work. Within both activities play two instruments, the clarinet and then cymbals. I love to look back on when I first came into the band program and how much I have grown since then. I’m very I am a committed worker, and when I enjoy something I put forth all of my effort.

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