An exciting location with round - the-clock events is needed to keep people born under the horoscope sign of Aries occupied, as they get bored very easily. Being a symbol of fire Aries must always be "on the go," so a city that never sleeps like Las Vegas, is perfect to visit. There is shopping, shows, gambling and restaurants to enjoy 24 hours a day. Casinos are going to be a huge draw for Aries, as they are clean of clocks, Aries will never know that it's time for bed.


Being an "earth" symbol, the best travel destinations for Taurus will include beautiful surroundings that will make it easy for them to relax. Paris is a wonderful choice for Taureans, because of the love of comfort and elegance. The Louver presents culture and art, and a nice walk down the Champs-Elysees must be added to your "to do" list, so having a romantic dinner by the River Seine is the perfect end of the day.


Brazil (Rio De Janeiro) has so much to bring to Gemini, including a cable car trip to the Sugar Load Peak, to enjoy the spectacular views, as well as the opportunity to see a monkey and some beautiful birds that make this peak their home. A four hour jeep tour through the rainforest is incredible, and it's sure to keep everyone (especially those born under the horoscope sign of Gemini) fascinated. Rio is rich in history, and walking alone or heading on a tour for a few hours will take you to some of the most popular places in the region, including the Imperial Palace, the Metropolitan Cathedral and/or the Bento Monastery.


Cancer is the first water symbol, and it means the birth of one’s emotional nature, of the aspiration and need to be loved and cared for by another. Typically individuals born under the Cancer Zodiac have a vivid imagination and a sensitive nature. Venice, Italy presents passion and excitement around every turn, and the imagination of a person born under the sign of Cancer will certainly allow himself to be transported back to the time of Romeo and Juliet.


Leos are adventurous and lean toward the flamboyant and dramatic. Dubai is a great travel destination for a Leo, as it is considered to have high profile areas that treat all visitors with high class luxury and respect. Due to the fact that Leos love extravagance and expect service that is high quality – Dubai would make the list of top travel spots to visit. Besides the gourmet restaurants and the luxurious hotels, there are also shopping centres to be enjoyed.


Virgos are generally travellers who are comfortable and coordinated and who want to keep to a timetable, but they can also be versatile while travelling. One of the best travel destinations for Virgo would be in London. Virgos are known for having a practical and adventurous nature so London would be a great choice for virgo either taking a guided tour around London or being taught how to take photographs there's enough to keep any virgo pre-occupied. 


Libras are not “campers” that like sleeping under the stars. A Libra appreciates affluence, and a ideal paradise vacation spot would be Copenhagen, which has been fondly dubbed the “Paris of the North”. The accommodations are fun, unique and appealing to Libras. This royal capital of Denmark is the home to over one million people, and the location is perfect for visitors. Many Libras love to shop, and that is another Copenhagen attraction for this alluring, well-balanced romantic. Also, there are a variation of eateries, 5-star hotels and hostels, museums, theatres musical shows and art galleries, which will all add to your smooth Copenhagen experience.


The scorpio sign is well known for its love for a exotic experience. Being a water sign, Mumbai, India is a perfect place to visit for Scorpio as this exotic location is full of fascinating attractions and stunning architecture that will definitely add to your unforgettable journey. You don't want to miss out on what India has to offer scorpio.


Sagittarians must visit foreign destinations and encounter several different cultures. When a "Sag" travels they're not only looking for adventure, they're always searching for something new to experience. Sags may or may not be religious people but they would love to follow the same direction that prophets, leaders and others have taken since biblical times. In addition to seeing Egypt, Israel, and Petra's incredible architecture, they would use their minds to move back in time to attempt and connect to how they lived. They'd delight in a Dead Sea dive, too.


Capricorns are recognised workaholics; their colleagues are conservative, and they are highly regarded. They are typically serious about it, so a carefree trip to an amusement park wouldn't be their first choice in a holiday destination, but it would have a good impact on their "inner kid," and provide Capricorns with an opportunity to let down their hair and just have fun. Istanbul, Turkey will satisfy the need for a levelheaded Capricorn, with its rich history and outstanding sights such as the Topkapi Palace, the Blue Mosque and the famous Turkish baths (hamam). These baths are an ideal place for a person born under Capricorn's horoscope sign to relax and unwind their mind and body.


The best travel destinations for Aquarians are usually rich in harmony, spirituality and peace to touch the souls of these unique individuals.Finland, also known as the "Land of the Midnight Sun," would attract many people who are born under the Aquarius horoscope sign. One can see the northern lights from Finland, it is a beautiful sight that will inspire everyone. Furthermore, Finland (especially Helsinki-capital city of Finland) is a hub of modern technology.


In Thailand there's so much to see and do that no one, particularly those born under the Pisces horoscope sign, can ever become bored.Thailand's natural beauty is one of the key reasons a lot of tourists flock to this area, the waterfalls, caves, mountains and hot springs are just a few of the places to visit.The creative skills of current and former artists are represented in many museums. Of course Thailand's shrines, temples and monuments are a must see, and don't forget to take the time to watch a boxing match and visit the floating market. Thailand gives a good impression to anyone who wants to visit an interesting location, and experiences some unforgettable sights and adventures.


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