Dodge city By seth and dylan.

The town of Dodge City can trace its origins to 1871 when rancher Henry J. Sitler built a sod house west of Fort Dodge to oversee his cattle operations in the region, conveniently located near the Santa Fe Trail and Arkansas River, and Sitler's house quickly became a stopping point for travelers.
Fort Mann was the first settlement of non-indigenous people in the area that became Dodge City, built by civilians in 1847 to provide protection for travelers on the Santa Fe Trail. Fort Mann collapsed in 1848 after an Indian attack. In 1850, the U.S. Army arrived to provide protection in the region and constructed Fort Atkinson on the old Fort Mann site.
By September of 1872, the shiny steel rails of the brand new Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe railroad stretched into view. And a town was waiting. The railroad initiated a tremendous growth for many years. Already, south of the tracks, hastily built frame buildings and tents were housing two grocery and general merchandise stores, a dance hall, a restaurant, a barber shop, a blacksmith shop -- even a saloon next to Sitler's original sod house. The famous Front Street legend had begun. Dodge City was already setting a record for growth
We Unsaddled And Turned Our Horses Into A Large Coral And While We Were In The Office Of The Livery, Surrendering Our Artillery, Flood Came In And Handed Each Of Us Twenty-Five Dollars In Gold, Warning Us That When That Was Gone No More Would Be Advanced.On Receipt Of The Money We Scattered Like Partridges Before A Gunner.
Within An Hour Or Two, We Began To Return To The Stable By Ones And Twos, And Were Stowing Into Our Saddle Pockets Our Purchases Which Ran From Needles And Thread To .45 Cartridges, Every Mother's Son Reflecting The Art Of The Barber, While John Officer Has His Blond Mustache Blackened, Waxed, And Curled Like A French Dancing Master.
'If Some Of You Boys Will Hold Him,' Said Moss Strayborn, Commenting On Officer's Appearance, 'I'd Like To Take A God Smell Of Him, Just To See If He Took Oil Up There Where The End Of Hs Neck's Haired Over.' As Officer Already Had Several Drinks Comfortably Stowed Away Under His Belt, And Stood Up Strong Six Feet Two, None Of Us Volunteered
nalled it


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