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I honestly didn't know what I wanted to do for this week, but i was really intrigued onto these flowers so I decided to take a picture of them and i think that its okay for me to not know the meaning of them I think thats what makes it kind of cool.


This is one of my favorite photo. Im really proud of the way this photo turned out it goes to show that the harder you work the brighter your results. It was really difficult to take this picture because I had to have my model lay in a very weird position. In the End,


In this picture I wanted to show a lot of happiness and incorporate the sun. The sun is a symbol of happiness because it is so radiant, similar to this picture.


My issue is going to be to raise awareness for Animal Shelters. I hope to show the idea through photography by showing a picture of a dog especially a sort of pitbull figure to show how much these dogs have been through. I wanted to go to our local shelter but I ran out of time so I took a picture of my dog to sort of show their sweeter and more innocent side of them. Although my dog isn't a pitbull I think it works better because my picture can represent all sorts of dogs in shelters. Another reason I used my dog and not anybody else's is because she's also a rescue dog, her mom was pregnant with her and her liter in a kill shelter in Indiana but they were rescued before they got put down. I decided to make it black and white to show a more emotional side to this issue and color the eyes to kind of highlight the emotions they can’t speak.


Isabella E

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