Final Project Ben Whitting

The first outcome on the list is to analyze and define the needs of the intended audience. In the background picture, it is a student peer-editing a paper. This happened as a result of a peer-editing assignment that all of the students had to do with their class groups. This helps students learn how to peer edit, and in the future, it helps the recipient learn how to write in a more proper way.

The outcome that this picture portrays is helping analyze and define the purpose of writing. In the picture, Professor is helping a student with a writing question that she has pulled up on her phone. This happened as a result of a "roadblock" for the student on her unit 1 paper. In the future, this student can now realize how to self analyze her writing, without needing help.

This photo represents another course outcome, and that is analyzing the writing situation, identifying needed information, and locating the appropriate information. This is another student peer editing a paper. This applies to the outcome because the recipient is receiving structured feedback on how to revise their paper with necessary elements of information. In the future, the recipient will be able to write a more well-rounded paper with better and more appropriate information.

In the background photo of this slide, it shows a student working and revising a paper with notes highlighted. She is analyzing her paper, and organizing it accordingly. This happened as a result of editing a rough draft that she had previously written. In the future, this student will be able to organize her paper pre-rough draft, because she is practicing it currently.

Another course outcome is being able to produce effective written communication. In the picture, one student is helping another edit a paper, therefore helping her produce the appropriate grammar, sentence structure, and mechanics. This happened as another result of peer editing that we do in class. In the future, the recipient student will be able to correctly communicate with her paper because of the practice she is getting now.

An important course outcome is being able to work effectively with other to produce written materials. In this, two students are working together on part a paper. This displays the course outcome because the students are collaborating to help each other produce sufficient written material. This happened because the students wanted a good grade, so they teamed up and helped each other. In the future, they will both be able to work with partners to create well written papers.

A very important course outcome is being able to adapt to the workplace, and still produce documents as required. The student in the picture is doing just that; he is getting/organizing information while working the desk of a residence hall. This obviously happened as a result of his work schedule, and due date of an assignment. In the future, the student will have a great idea on how to adapt to his surroundings outside of the classroom while completing and assignment.

The following course outcome is being able to analyze the context and purpose of writing. In the picture, the student is doing just that. She is re-reading/proofreading a paper to analyze it. This also happened as a result of peer reviewing workshops held in class. In the future, the student will be able to determine the context and purpose of the writing, therefore being able to manipulate it in accordance to her audience.

Developing ideas and finding reliable resources is an extremely important skill. Finding a reliable source and creating your own original thoughts is a great way to form a well written paper. In the photo is a picture of a reliable source; a book. For our Unit 4 assignment, we are required to find reliable sources. Our reliable sources were mostly found through the FLITE database. This happened as a result of one of the librarians showing us the ropes on how to use the tool. In the future, students will now know what is a reliable source, and how to develop original ideas with knowledge of the subject from the source.

Though this picture does not exactly reflect it, the next outcome is being able to state and support assertions. One day in class our groups had to state the unsaid values of our selected advertisement in front of the class. We did this to help us state our assertions with confidence, and support them. This helps in the future with writing papers. When you give a piece of information, you have to be able to back it up. This activity helped us with making a more concrete argument in the future.

The next course outcome is being able to properly assess sources and information. Our class was trained by the librarian to use the FLITE database, and find reliable information. In this picture, a student is assessing the source and the information it contains by looking at the credentials. The reason this happened is because the class needed sources for our Unit 4 papers, so the source itself and the information it contained had to be assessed. In the future, us students will be able to properly assess our sources, and the information they contain for writing future papers.

When writing a paper, focus is extremely important. With focus comes organizing your ideas effectively, which is a course outcome. In the picture, a student is organizing their ideas through an outline for a paper. This happened because Dr. Pavletic stressed the importance of focus in our papers. For the future, this student will be able to keep a narrow topic without going off-topic due to the organization in future outlines.

Being able to use proper word choice and voice was another course outcome. In the photo, a student is working on McGraw-Hill Connect. This learning tool taught us students how to use proper word choice and voice without being bias. This happened because it was a semester long assignment that all students needed to complete. In the future, the students who completed this learning tool will be able to use correct word choice and voice because of the work we did with this program.

Using feedback and revision to improve written content is displayed in this picture. The male student is helping the female student improve her written content by giving feedback, and helping her revise. This happened as the result of another peer review session in class. In the future, the male student will know how to give feedback, and the female student will know how to accept the feedback, and improve her writing.

Collaborating with one another and critiquing written drafts is another outcome. This picture displays the outcome because the two students shown are working together on a writing problem. This happened in a peer reviewing session, and it was made possible by the information we learned in class and on McGraw-Hill Connect. In the future, both students will be able to help others by critiquing their drafts, and creating better written papers.

The last course outcome is being able to edit a document for consistent point of view, grammar, punctuation, and mechanics. The picture shows a marked document. This happens after visiting Professor at her office, and having her help you revise your paper properly. This happens because us students are able to attend her office hours for help with revision. In the future, students will have knowledge on how to write properly using correct grammar, mechanics, and a consistent point of view

This English class was much different than I expected. On the first day of class, Professor said she got paid to make our lives hell. This scared me, but she didn't make my life hell, she did her job to help me learn. Over the course of the class I learned so much information to help me become a better writer and student.

This year I have learned an abundance of information about composition. I learned how to analyze sources based on the credibility of the source, and find key information throughout the source. Critical thinking was involved when creating a new and original idea for a paper. My writing skills exponentially increased. Looking back and reading my first paper, I can't believe I actually wrote that. I learned so much about writing without even realizing it.

In future classes and later on in life, you will always need to know how to write. It can be the difference between an A and a D, or a job or no job. Being able to write is so important because it is a medium of communication, and you will always need to be able to communicate.

I learned a lot about myself this semester. I definitely realized I am a huge procrastinator. I also learned my writing skills can always be improved, and they were! Next I learned I actually am a creative person, I just have to dig deep. Lastly I confirmed that I am able to get along with most everyone, and I am a mature person.


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