Holden' Blog By: Serene Darwish

Do you know what really grinds my gears? It’s these politicians rambling back and forth at one another spitting their rhetoric and never being able to get positive work done. Progress cannot possibly be made with these incompetent individuals working towards an unforeseeable future. Both the Republicans and the Democrats portray their flaws in their inability to mesh together. The Republicans have the audacity to proclaim the most heinous rhetoric, but the Democrats are too unwilling to even debate the Republicans on such topics. When the Republicans state their claims, the Democrats think its below them to even retort. This ends up working against them for the people end up only hearing the Republicans side and automatically assume it to be true and follow the claims. This society must progress by having conversation, by progressing on either side and finding middle ground. If the Republicans can be convinced that their insane ideas need to be cooled down and the Democrats can find it within themselves to respond to WHY the Republicans are wrong, MAYBE we can make progress. But we are so far away from this point. Republicans are dominating at this point, and as we can see, it is not working in the slightest. Democrats still won’t take the time to explain why republicans are wrong, they only state that they ARE wrong. I am tired of this nonsense. I am tired of no progress in congress or in this country in general. I hope that I can be alive for the day that we can be under peace, hopefully I won’t be rotting six feet deep before progress gets made.

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