Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources BY: Jacob morgan

GEOTHERMAL ENERGY PROS AND CONS: Energy from the heat of the earth is the definition of geothermal energy. The pros of geothermal energy is that it is efficient, and is also renewable as long as earth exists. The cons is that electricity is still needed to operate heat pumps, and also, geothermal energy using wells requires an incredible usage of water.
SOLAR ENERGY PROS AND CONS: Solar energy is energy captured in panels from the sun. Some pros of solar energy is that it is renewable, can be used until sun runs out of power! Also, it is very available and can also reduce electricity costs tremendously. Cons I discovered is that solar energy is very expensive to install, and that they take up lots of space. But the biggest was that they contain toxic waste. Solar energy is a very debatable option for humanity.
WIND ENERGY PROS AND CONS: Wind energy is energy used from the wind. Some pros of wind energy is that produces no water or air pollution, and farmers can receive an income from any electricity generated and the land can have other uses. Some cons is that constant wind is needed, and the wind farms can have a significant visual impact.
HYDROELECTRIC ENERGY PROS AND CONS: Hydroelectric energy is energy used from water flowing through dams. Some pros to hydroelectric energy is that it is clean, and is very easy, but leading to a con, it is only easy when you finally get it built. Dams can take many years to build, and cost lots of money.
Biomass is an industry term for getting energy by burning wood, and other organic matter. Burning biomass releases carbon emissions, around a quarter higher than burning coal, but has been classed as a "renewable" energy source because plants can be regrown. Some downsides to biomass is the emissions coming out of the dead particles and water use.
Now to nonrenewable energy sources, we will start with coal. Coal is a combustible black or dark brown rock consisting mainly of carbonized plant matter, found mainly in underground deposits and widely used as fuel. Some upsides to coal is that it is easy to burn and simple, but the downside is the amount of politics that surround it and it can kill land around the mines.
Oil, also known as petroleum is something that our nation strives on. It is a yellow or black liquid found under the Earth that can be used for gas, and other fuels. Some pros to oil is that it is easily accessible, sustainable, and is steady and reliable. Some cons to oil are the fact it can pollute the air and is non renewable. It can also have disasters when drilling for the oil, acid raid being a huge part of those disasters.
Natural gas is a cleaner option to coal or oil, but still, in others opinions is thought to be just as harmful to climate change. Some pros, however, is that natural gas can help produce electricity and is relatively inexpensive. Some cons with natural gas are that, like I said earlier, are greenhouse gases, and can put chemicals into the earth that can warm it up. And like the last two energy resources I've mentioned, it is non renewable.
Nuclear power, is the use of nuclear reactions that shoot chemicals out that can be used for energy. Some pros to nuclear power is that it is powerful, and that the actual energy can last for quite a long time, also, more nuclear power being used means less fossil fuels which means the Earth being hurt less. However, that leads me to many cons. If a reactor melts down, the radiation literally poisons the Earth and can really hurt humans. Also, the reactors can only last about 40 years and can cost TONS of money.
IN MY OPINION, we should use geothermal energy. Why? Because water is used to create the steam we use to get the energy. Water has its own cycle, so it is renewable and can easily be used for this process. It is also clean, and can have no harm to humans. This is probably our best option to not hurt our Earth or us.


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